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A week before Paris international fabrics fairs, Paris highlighted fashiontech with La Gaîté Lyrique hosting the WEAREABLE FashionTech Festival, a week-long event organized by Look Forward, the fashiontech incubator from online retailer Showroomprive.com. Under the curation of the talented Anne-Sophie Berard, the fashiontech exhibition showcased the work of the world’s best fashiontech designers; panel talks and conferences gave us insights on the future of fashion through innovation.

the weareable awards


The event started on Tuesday evening with the WEAREABLE Awards. Rewarding the best 5 entrepreneurs or start-ups for their original innovations in the field of fashion and technology. Under the direction of Diane Pernet from ASVOFF, the jury selected our friends De Rigueur for the Relation Award, PAO for the Emerging Award, the Alert Shirt for the Fashion Awards, and T8 for the Grand Prix. But before that, we had the pleasure to discover Ece Özalp’s amazing performance, opening the evening (videos below).

entering the exhibition


The exhibition, curated by Anne-Sophie Berard, showcasing the young FashionTech scene, with around twenty new fascinating and original creations. Through four themes, the fashiontech pieces such as Anouk Wipprecht’ Spider Dress capable of protecting us, clothing capable of communicating like Caress of the Gaze by Behnaz Farahi, or some prototyped path of the retail of the future.

Wednesday at Atelier Néerlandais


We spent our Wednesday at Atelier Neerlandais’ Embracing Fashion & Technology seminar, curated by Bradley Quinn. From Pauline van Dongen to Anouk Wipprecht, our friend Florence Bost to the talented Valérie Lamontagne from 3lectromode, we had the chance to meet some of the best fashiontech designers. Exploring the potentials of advanced materials, wearable technologies and future manufacturing, while considering surveillance, psychology and privacy issues, the implications for health and well-being and how wearables will radically change our bodies and our lives.

Thursday – Do It Your Mode

On Thursday, we had the pleasure to curate the Do It Your Mode panel talk at Gaîté Lyrique, with our guests Jean-Luc François (Maison & Association), Annick Jehanne (Hubmode), Aurélie Mossé (designer-researcher), Elisabeth Senneville (designer). We questioned how technology and innovation can help enhance fashion in the future: from early inspiration stage to prototyping and production, our guests talked about how they think technology can help fashion designers’ creative process.



On Saturday, we attended the insightful conference of Peclers Paris, curated by Emma Fric. 3 main trends were explained: singularity, the era of makers and storytelling in the digital age. From Barbie’s evolution to the new wearables, Emma lined-up a series of great references of fashiontech projects. You can read her report here.

What next?


The next ASVOFF session, curated by Alex Murray-Leslie (ASVOFF is a festival dedicated to reward creative Fashion Films), will be focused on wearables and fashion tech. You have until July 31st to submit your best creations!

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