WAIR, a fashionable connected scarf against air pollution

Heard of WAIR yet? Firstly presented during the Paris Fashion & Tech Week, the young brand, founded by Caroline Van Rentergherm, recently won the Cisco young entrepreneurs prize. The concept is simple, yet it could change our urban lives! As citizens of big cities, we face high air pollution problems (recently Paris topped a pollution level higher than in Shanghai – ok, it happens one day in the year, but still!) and sometimes cycling becomes an obstacle course. Caroline imagined her connected scarf when she was cycling, because the more she cycled the more her eyes cried, her throat was sore and she could not stop coughing.


She tried all sorts of masks, in between looking like a terrorist and having a mask that doesn’t even fitler fine particles, she was doubtful. Until she realized she was using her scarf to protect herself from buses exhaust gas. After testing the idea with her friends, she decided to launch it in late November. She since won the Cisco young entrepreneurs prize and will soon launch the dedicated “BE AWAIR” app, which aggregates public data on the air quality, to let people be more aware of the air they breath. Thanks to personnalized notifications, users will have precise data on the air quality and, for example, know how to suffer less from allergies.


The next step will be the launch of the scarf itself, that will actually be scarves, made of cotton, silk and even more fabrics. Hidden in a little pocket, the mask filters the air. In addition, a sensor analyses the air quality and changes its color when pollution gets too high: if it becomes red, it’s time to put on your WAIR scarf! The Cisco prize in her pocket, Caroline now focuses on the launch of her brand, and we can’t wait to see her scarves!

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