Kovert Designs becomes VINAYA, and raises $3M along the way to bring Altruis for Christmas

Remember Kovert Designs? We spotted the smart ring back in January in our wearable tech special list. Then we had the pleasure of trying the sensitive smart jewellery during INTERLACED 2015, back in September. So what is it all about that it suddenly comes back to the lights of the Internet? Well first, Kovert becomes VINAYA, and it raised $3 million along the way to develop the Altruis smart jewellery range.

Born in 2013, the startup was founded by Kate Unsworth in order to build products that are more connected to human emotional needs. After rebranding into VINAYA, the brand set up a “Research lab” working on brain habits to implement them into the product design process.

“We realized there was a bit of a disconnect between the way technology was built in the startup culture and the way that wearables are built, in particular, but also digital products — and the actual academia, the scientific research, that should go into the development of these products,” says co-founder and CEO Kate Unsworth.

In a blog post yesterday, we can read more about the story behind this rebranding. Over the past two years, Kate and her co-founders Dan Möller and Fabio Pania have been busy building their team. Each day has been consumed with philosophising, designing, engineering, researching, testing, strategizing, and optimising. From humble beginnings, VINAYA is now a fast-growing family of curious minds, representing 18 countries and speaking over 30 languages collectively. The team is made up of engineers, data scientists, product designers, neuroscientists, digital anthropologists, strategists, and creatives…

The Altruis smart ring is now available to pre-order and should ship for Christmas.

Smart jewellery to better disconnect

Subtle vibrations alert you for predefined text, email, call or Whatsapp notifications from certain people or with specific keywords, so that you can cut out the noise and focus on the stuff that really matters. VINAYA strive to make technology less obtrusive and more invisible, challenging you to reset the balance between digital and physical and remember how to live in the moment.

“Impeccable design is our bread and butter, innovative technology is our crack cocaine and living a mindful life is our calling.” says Kate Unsworth



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