Tumblr x Fashion | Now it’s real, you can actually wear the Internet

Stop everything you’re doing. Really. Tumblr, the go-to social network for beautiful, WTF images from the Internet is launching a clothing line. Previewed in midtown Manhattan, the collection was unveiled at a NYFW party. The collection features tops, pants, dresses, jackets, accessories printed with selected designs from six of Tumblr’s best-known artists.

Ever wondered what it would look to actually wear the Internet? Well, now it’s possible. After participating to the last 10 seasons of Fashion Weeks, and in honor of its 10th year of involvement with New York Fashion Week, Tumblr spotlights young designers with large Tumblr followings.

We previously talked about Print All Over Me, the customisable fashion prints brand, well they partnered with Tumblr to create these unique pieces, on sale since yesterday. (!!!!!!) Prices start at $30 and the proceeds go to the artists. The collection was lead by Tumblr’s fashion evangelist, Valentine Uhovski, who helped pick six of coolest Tumblr artists to collaborate on printed fashion-forward basics.

“All the artists we collaborated with,” Uhovski told Tech Insider, from the clothing designers to the GIF-makers, “they are all Tumblr kids and Tumblr lovers. My job was to match them all up and combine it into one amazing, colorful experience. […] I think when people are on Tumblr, they feel like they’re their true self, we dont put VIPs in a corner. Whether you’re Beyoncé or an incredible 16-year-old designer in the middle of Iceland, you have the same ability to succeed. We put creativity first.”

To buy the collection, head to the pop-up shop at 339 West 38th street in New York City from 10AM to 5PM today through Sunday, and online through Print All Over Me.





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