Startup | Topshop launches its own wearable tech challenge

Topshop, is seeking to bring more tech to its fashion products!  The retailer as launch TopPitch, calling for entrepreneurs and startups to share their innovative products ideas. Applications close on May 22nd, 2016. Feeling inspired?


The wearable market is now ready to go mass-market AND fashionable! We have seen products emerging at CES and how merging technology with design through Vinaya jewellery, Hermès for Apple or Fitbit and Public School patnership worked (or not). It is now time that big retailers make the product mainstream! Topshop already did an attempt with their collaboration with Barclay, the result was a Kawaii desirable collection of accessories and we don’t expect less from this challenge!

“It’s a move that makes sense for such a brand [topshop]: one with a tech-savvy youth consumer keen to explore in this space, an attitude to democratising fashion – thus drive to find the right products at the right price – and an ongoing commitment to supporting and championing emerging talent across the creative industries.” Rachel Arthur, Founder of Fashion&Mash and Jury of the challenge



TopPitch aims to be te link between innovative ideas and the end product sales. The challenge will select startups and give them the opportunity to attend a week long development program in order to prepare them and the product for a pitch to Topshop buyers and senior managers. It is completely free, but does not provide fundings to the participating teams, however there is the opportunity to explore further investment throughout the program. The bootcamp runs for four weeks from from 13th June to 8th July 2016. Mentors are influencers from the Wearable Tech world such as Rachel Arthur, Fash&Mash Editor and entrepreneurship experts. The winning team will win the chance to raise investment and have their product featured in Topshop stores.

Topshop Toppitch innovation wearable challenge


Pre-retail entrepreneurs and start-ups from any countries! You can be at concept stage or prototype ready, the only demand is that the product needs to be stylish, functional, in-demand with the Topshop customer, and at an accessible price. The mentoring program will make you adapt the product to the Topshop feel in order to give you the best chances for the end pitch, so if you are not picky about your designs, this challenge is for you!

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