When tech meets tradition by Tommy Hilfiger

Some time ago, I discovered with excitement the new Tommy showcase on the Champs Elysees. The reason for it: this showcase proudly displays “Tech meets tradition.” Relayed by Vogue, this capsule collection has been designed in collaboration with the specialist wool Abraham Moon. Inspired by travel and adventure, it was thought to bind useful with style.

The collection consists of ten items inspired by mountains that offer convenience without putting aside style. But let’s talk about what really spoke to me in this collection: two very special coats: they are equipped with solar panels. Well it’s still just another product promising you to charge your devices with complete freedom and mobility, I agree: there’s nothing revolutionnary. But this time, technology has been integrated into clothing: these coats not only keep you warm and stylish, they also let you charge your devices on the go.

Tommy partnered with Pvilion to create these coats, a company that manufactures solar panels. These detachable panels are linked by a subtle cord in the lining to a hidden removable battery in the right front pocket and has two USB ports. Poof! You are ready to charge your devices on the go! When the panels are exposed to direct sunlight, the solar collectors can fully charge the battery which in turn can charge a standard device (1500mAh) up to four times! To find out more about it click here.



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