Introducing our trends report: “The_Black_Box”

Download the first edition highlighting the key trends from H1 2018

in brief

As our official trends review, this report will serve as our way to pinpoint the most significant shifts we predict will have the biggest impact on the Fashion Innovation landscape. Its main goal is to offer a better grasp of the key trends we believe are crucial to the Future of Fashion through innovation these days, with our very special take on the subject.

A few months ago, we decided to create a bi-annual review serving as a synthetic round-up of our many travels, conferences, experiences and encounters with brands and experts around the world. This report, that we baptized The_Black_Box, is now finally ready for you to discover.

As we previously stated and insisted, we don’t believe that the word “Fashion Tech” bears any kind of substance when speaking about how fashion is currently undergoing fascinating transformations. Considering this terminology very restricting, we see the challenges the industry is facing nowadays are broader and more intricate, especially considering how sustainability became a crucial subject these last few years.

The first edition gives away the 8 Fashion and Innovation trends that, in our opinion, address the most important issues and opportunities raised in the first half of this year in the field: How can we make business in a more ethical way? What will happen to creativity in the coming of the AI age? Are Labs overrated? Why is Bioengineered Fashion still an epiphenomenon?

The_Black_Box opens up the scope of possibilities for any company from the Fashion, Luxury and Technology industries looking for clues on how to innovate both effectively and sustainably, in this day and age. Based on Futur404’s proximity with pioneers, brands or institutions across these innovation-focused industries, our extended network of experts and our regular involvement in key Fashion and Technology events (SXSW, Festival de Hyères, Première Vision, Viva Technology, Login Festival…), The_Black_Box forecasts and spots the best itineraries to the possible futures for innovation-ready companies. Through eight trend-based initiatives, along with key market insights, our strategic suggestions to implement these and the best-in-class case studies; The_Black_Box seeks to ultimately help you in being one step ahead of your competition, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a designer, an institution, a startup or a big company.

Above all, the end goal of this is to spark a very needed conversation with professionals and the general public, whom we believe are helping us growing continuously in the best possible way.

The 50+ page full version of this trends review includes :

  • The Meta Themes that encapsulate the major trends spotted in the first Half of this year
  • An in-depth synopsis showcasing why these trends matters and the key insights that gives them consistency
  • A selection of the best cases illustrating each trends application through diverse takes on experiences and approaches by brands in the Fashion & Technology fields and organizations
  • Our dedicated suggestions to help you adopt these trends and stay ahead of the curve
  • A special perk, in the form of a Bonus Key Trend embodying the current zeitgeist, as a dedicated reward for supporting our current efforts

Request your download of the full report today, available at €1,250, to discover these game-changing subjects and stay ahead of your time in the evolving Fashion Innovation revolution.

For private presentations requests, contact us at the following email: theblackbox {at}

Please, do not hesitate to share your opinion with us, through the comment section or via our contact box. Any remarks, impressions and even disagreement if needed, are welcome and will be greatly appreciated!

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