TO WATCH | The Next Black

A film about The Future of Clothing

in brief

In case you missed it & did not hear about The Next Black yet, stop here and take 50 minutes of your time to discover how talented & passionate people are working to shape the Future of Clothing. 

People say that fashion moves faster and faster. More colors, more collections, more brands, more styles. But in reality the clothing industry has been crawling, in terms of innovation, for the last hundred years. Up until now. For the first time in history, the concept of clothing is about to change. And this wonderful film’s mission is to explore it.

This film is not about the new, it’s about the next. Will mass consumption of clothing continue to escalate? Or will we return to creating quality and caring about what we wear? Will the future be centered around smart clothing and new technologies? Or will we find innovation within organic and traditional methods? Prepare to meet with some of the world’s most progressive people in search of the answers.

The Next Black was produced by Stockholm creative agency House of Radon for home appliance manufacturer AEG, with the goal to anticipate future washing needs and contribute in making the clothing industry more sustainable. Enjoy the full film below.



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