The Cyclist, a series of retro-reflective bags for urban riders

The young Franco-Dutch designer, Julie Thissen, is currently running a crowd founding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Graduated from the Master of European Design in spring 2013, she developed for her Graduation project a series of bags associating her French and Dutch origins: linking her passion for cycling and her interest for a functional approach of design, she developed a collection of bags specifically adapted to cyclists, where functional meets aesthetics.


This series of bags combines practicality, elegance and safety. Thanks to retro-reflective ribbons woven into the lower-base of the bags, that illuminates in the night under the lights of passing cars, making the user more visible of the surrounding traffic.

The starting point of the project was the desire to meet three constraints, which a priori, seems almost contradictory. Julie says. Backpacks should be comfortable to wear, even when we bike, they should be elegant to be able to wear even at work, and they should help improve the safety of cyclists on the road.

The collection is set of three bags: Claude, the unisex backpack, with a pocket for laptop and little pocket for keys or smartphone… Penelope, the women’s bag, elegant still adapted to riding. And Maddalena, the little bag, also for women.

Presented within a series of quality pictures shot by the designer, these bags perfectly combine elegance and functionality. Despite it all, I wish the bags could feature more technology, hardware in particular. Why not integrating LEDs, like we can see on some creations? Or even using smart fabric on certain parts of the bag, that could be controlled with Google Glass…

pattern claudeclaude2penelopepenelope2maddalenamaddalena2

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