Lenzing enters sustainable filament market with TENCEL™ Luxe

The new lyocell filament heralds a new era in the future of eco-couture

in brief

For the third article in our sustainable series in collaboration with Lenzing, we return to the first filament unveiled by the company earlier this month. With TENCEL™ Luxe branded lyocell filament, the Austrian cellulose fiber manufacturer offers luxury aesthetics, with a silky feel and flowing drape.

Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, TENCEL™ Luxe botanic lyocell filaments are produced using Lenzing’s “closed loop” production process. This process ensures minimal environmental impact thanks to low-process water and energy use, raw material and chemical consumption. It has  been awarded the European Award for the Environment from the European Union. You can see how sustainable it is, compared to other fibers and filaments, in our guide for sustainable materials.

TENCEL TM Luxe Lenzing AG Foto: Neumayr/MMV.

The fibers are actually made thanks to photosynthesis. Absorbed from the sun, the energy is converted into chemical energy. Through this process, the starting products of carbon dioxide and water are converted into dextrose and oxygen. In addition, more than 99% of the solvent used to transform the wood chips into lyocell fibers is recycled and used over and over again. This approach to production is close to the many recommendations from the latest Greenpeace report, which we explored in this series’ previous article.

TENCEL TM Luxe Lenzing AG Foto: Neumayr/MMV.

Blendable with other reputable fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool, the filaments are also naturally breathable due to their wood-based origin. To illustrate the new filament ’s creative possibilities, Lenzing partnered with three of Europe’s up-and-coming fashion designers who interpreted their visions using TENCEL™ Luxe based fabrics (made by Lenzing’s manufacturing partners).

Quoï AlexanderPeet Dullaert and Fiona Fondadouze‘s creations were showcased during the launch event earlier this month at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where we had the opportunity to discuss their vision of sustainable fashion – an interview that will be posted here shortly ;-).

The launch event was held at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

“We are committed to setting industry firsts in order to enhance the protection of our environment while making filaments for fabrics that are designed to appeal to the most sophisticated consumers.” explains Stefan Doboczky, CEO of Lenzing Group.

The new filament will further support Lenzing’s shift to become a major player in the high end sustainable fashion market, and will be produced at the manufacturer’s site in Austria.

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