Tangram’s smart LED jumprope gives real-time workout feedback for curated fitness sessions

TangramFactory, a Seoul-based company, designs and manufactures products focused around the user experience, where leading technology and intuitive design help bring people closer together. Their latest product? A curious LED smart jumprope said to be giving you real-time workout feedback for you to curate the exercises of your fitness sessions.

Some may smile, but those who do have a jump rope know that it’s a serious cardiovascular workout that burns more calories per hour than jogging. The Smart Rope is composed of a set of LEDs which display your workout information at eye level just while you jump: jumps per minute, approximate calories burned, length of workout & time remaining.

The rope connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a free app records your workout performance, setting up a workout plan for your next session. Analytics should help you to design a workout program tailored to your performance & needs, then flash LED reminders during the workout help you keeping your pace. As a quality jump rope, it is engineered with ball-bearing pivots and handles set at a 45-degree angle to the actual rope. Ensuring a smooth and natural motion during your rope-jumping session.

A Kickstarter campaign is schedule for February 25th, with not much more information yet as to backer rewards or ultimate delivery date. You can still register for email updates on their website.

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