TAG Heuer Connected: a dedicated website counting down until November 9th

Co-developed with Google and Intel, the luxury smart watch from LVMH is launching on November 9th. To make people wait, the brand launched a countdown website showcasing the history of TAG Heuer until this year’s big step ahead of its traditional competitors.

When Apple announced its Apple Watch back in 2014, analysts said the Swiss Watch industry shouldn’t fear the new connected watch (and they still shouldn’t), as they are competing in a whole different world. But LVMH’s TAG Heuer did not wait up so long before it partnered with Google and Intel to make its own smart watch to compete Apple.

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“TAG Heuer is pushing the Swiss avant-garde limits even further with the TAG Heuer Connected.” captures the website. “Tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship meets savoir-faire, and bold style meets breakthrough technology. The clock is ticking to the major breakthrough.”

Costing around USD 1500-1800, when Apple’s luxury Edition Watch costs above USD 18000, the TAG Heuer Connected (the name is settled!) should have a design close to the Carrera. Running under Android Wear, but without the microphone to keep the watch’s waterproofness. Well, wait & see!

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Post written by Noémie Balmat, Founding editor-in-chief

Clausette_servicesInterested in the future of fashion, the digital revolutions and advertising,Noémie has a valuable three-year experience in international advertising agencies and works with young innovative designers as a fashion tech freelance consultant. Currently working for Publicis Conseil in Paris, she launched Clausette Magazine in November 2014 to gather all cool projects linking fashion & innovation in one place. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she takes part in several Fashion Tech weeks and events as a speaker (Paris, Tokyo, Roubaix…).

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