How SHOPTHAT could shake up the beauty industry

Social Commerce done right

These days, shopping for beauty products in the digital space can resume in long minutes (hours?) of uninterrupted scrolling through most retailers ecommerce website pages, drowning people in a heavy and unattractive shopping experience nightmare.

As social media and influence have become driving forces for the product category (embodied by the numerous beauty influencers collaborating with brands, often with varying impact on sales), the current ecosystem seems to transform them in walking banner-ads more than anything else. In an effort to counterbalance such negative evolution of social commerce, an innovative and non-intrusive solution is poised to bridge the gap between inspiration and purchase, by the creation of a simple experience around influencers : meet SHOPTHAT.

Founded in 2016 by Ami Moore and Tim Rogers, SHOPTHAT is a one of a kind online commerce tool enabling people to easily shop inspiring looks from their favorite influencers’ content (video above). With this clear objective, SHOPTHAT is on a mission to render shopping more likable, making it as easy as liking an Instagram post or a Youtube tutorial video, the brand is positioned as a solution provider that benefits everyone while capitalizing on the influencer economy.

While it introduces consumers to a simple, almost instantaneous shopping experience (from click to buy in 30 seconds, straight from Facebook Messenger), it also brings value by providing them with the means to support and interact with their favorite influencers in a meaningful way.

Acting as a seal of genuineness and freedom, SHOPTHAT is a real boon to Beauty Influencers too (and in extension, to their audience): the solution operates in a way that avoids tampering with their content, keeping it authentic to the bone (and far from becoming typical ads) while getting paid.

Last but not least, this might be the answer to one of retailers’ most headachy interrogations: how do these collaborations, cascades of likes and engagement ultimately translate in revenue and ROI? Requiring little to no efforts of their part, SHOPTHAT’s approach might prove to be the most accurate in the near future.

We encourage you to try this new solution and share your experience with us. In the meantime, make sure to follow Ami Moore and Tim Rogers adventure with this new solution (by following this link), as their approach of social commerce might grow to become dominant in the coming months.

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