Sansar: the fashion market for user-generated avatar clothes

The VR successor to Second Life is now available

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Linden Lab‘s Sansar social VR world has launched a fashion market for user-created avatar clothing. Founded in 1999, and after successfully launching Second Life in 2003, Sansar is now available for everyone to explore on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows PCs.

Linden Lab, the company that created Second Life has launched a new VR platform named Sansar. Going further than current VR experiences, the move gives new entrepreneurial and creative opportunities to its users, through an integration with Marvelous Designer, the fashion design software by Clo Virtual Fashion, which is used by numerous mainstream brands and independent fashion designers in the real world.

“Our integration with Marvelous Designer means that not only can you change what you wear, you can customize the fit and style to adjust how you wear it in Sansar. For example, you can roll up your sleeves, loosen your collar, and arrange your scarf just as you like it.” Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab

Designs created with Marvelous Designer can now be exported directly to Sansar, where users can take advantage of realistic cloth simulation as they customize the fit and style on their avatars, making clothing in VR look more realistic and improving the immersiveness of the overall experience.

Initially, anybody can create three personal lots for free. The “Creator” subscription (for $9.99 per month) takes that to five and promises speedier customer support over email. Meanwhile, The “Super Creator” tier comes with 10 experiences, even faster email responses and live web chat. Finally, The “Professional” package, grants you 20 experiences, email, web chat and phone support (for $99.99 per month). Furthermore, Linden Lab has also worked on entrance fees, in order to allow creators to charge users access “on the door” for specific experiences.

“Our experience operating Second Life has shown how important and valuable user-created avatar fashions are, and with Sansar, we’re taking it to an exciting new level,” Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab

Fashion is already a big part of the estimated $500 million user-to-user economy in Second Life, where designers have earned millions of dollars from virtual fashion businesses. Linden Lab has the same ambition for its social VR world Sansar, which first launched in open beta in July 2017. Still, it’s unclear how popular virtual reality will become. While Oculus Rift and HTC Vive sales are stable, they remain slower than some people expected. But although the medium’s future is uncertain, Sansar is also playable through a laptop or PC.

If you want to try tit out for yourself, the Sansar app is available to download through the company’s website.

This post was written in partnership with DEFI France, as part of its support to innovation and fashion companies.

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