Internet of Clothing | Rochambeau uses Bright Bmbr smart jacket to introduce its clients to a very private club

Paper invites are out-of-date. Digital invites are not enough. This is why Rochambeau went a step further and created a digital jacket to offer its wearer a unique experience through New York City. In collaboration with Avery Dennison and Evrythng, as part as their “Born Digital” partnership, Rochambeau launched the “Bright Bmbr” jacket: the key to enter an exclusive circle.


A jacket to educate the wearer

Rochambeau, a 2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, is to unveil by December, with the help of Avery Dennison and Evrythng, 15 fully digitized jackets. Equipped with secret chips and QR-codes, the jacket gives its wearer access to an exclusive content. Indeed, the wearer can use his smartphone to interact with his jacket’s hidden technology. Here, outfit is not about aesthetical protection anymore, outfit is about smart discovery. The Bright Bmbr jacket plays the part of the ultimate insider, able to give you tips and guide you through the city. Art galleries, shops, fashion event and even restaurants are part of this incredible experiment. In these 15 jackets, Rochambeau gathered unique, interesting and usually unknown places to offer the wearer a personal itinerary. This jacket is all about exploring an secret world and as Laurence Chandler, co-founder of Rochambeau, says:

“These days people want experiences more than just objects. Everyone loves being in a city with a super clued-up friend who not only knows where to find all the hidden treasures, but has the connections to get you the best table or under the velvet rope.”

But even more important, the jacket has to be considered as the golden ticket to all these spots: the Bright Bmbr is the key to a very private club.

a jacket to enforce luxury’s exclusiveness?



With this very special creation, Rochambeau is giving a new answer to the burning issue of luxury’s exclusiveness. Indeed, luxury is built on the paradox that the brand needs to be desirable even if unreachable. Hence, luxury creates a gap between the brand and the external world; unveiling its products to all but keeping them for a tiny range of the customers. Rochambeau, here, surpasses the usual barriers (such as price, retail …) by creating a topnotch club for its wearers, craving for exclusivity. The watchword is singularity: personalized content, limited number of jackets … which fits with people’s proud consumption of luxury. It seems that with its Bright Bmbr jacket, Rochambeau taught us a lesson about what is next to support luxury’s exclusiveness.

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Post written by Sarah Banon, Editor

Graduate student from French Business School ESSEC, Sarah is passionate about fashion and spends her free time writing. She is very curious and likes to discover and study new trends. She joined Clausette Magazine in May 2016.

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