Revamped Nikelab ACG defines sport utility for the city

Born more than 30 years ago as the provider of dependable protection and performance in all conditions, Nikelab ACG reborns in 2014 as the modern approach to provide sport utility in the city. Spanning outerwear, shoes & portable storage, the new collection is designed to meet the the demands for mobility and weather protection in any urban setting.


Matthew Millward, senior Sportswear design director, collaborated with Berlin-based independant apparel design agency Acronym designer Errolson Hugh, on the design of the new NikeLab ACG collection. They worked to reassess the needs of contemporary athletes and marry Acronym’s knowledge of fit, apparel construction and the functionality needed for everyday life with pioneering Nike materials such as Nike Tech Fleece, Nike Dri-Fit Wool and Nike Flyknit.

“Our question was, what can we build with ACG that no one else can build? How do we ensure, beyond being technically superb, that this is distinctively Nike? We came back to athleticism, and the athlete being at Nike’s core. Setting the athlete down in the center of the urban landscape really brought it all home for us.” Hugh says.


At the center of the collection’s all-black silhouette is the “neutral” stance taken from martial arts, while any sort of urban necessity is taken into account as well. As the Nike Senior Design Director explains it,

“We needed to ensure that the silhouette serves the needs of the urban athlete and, more importantly, that movement of the body is never restricted. Bulky items are hidden and kept close to the body, securely stowed. The head-to-toe look should always remain clean by keeping design lines continuous and simple.”

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