Reshape 2018 Barcelona, an event to think & shape the future of wearable tech

Establishing a worldwide network of ideas and creativity to shift the production paradigm

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As part of our partnership with Reshape, the digital platform promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative approach towards the definition of new cutting-edge practices and disruptive ideas, we sat down with its founder Aldo Sollazzo and event coordinator Laura Civetti to know more about the upcoming Barcelona manifestation this October 16-18.

Launched in 2014, Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society. Gathering an international community of designers, makers and customers inspired by innovation, the event intends to establish a new worldwide network of ideas and creativity able to shift the production paradigm.

How is technology reshaping our behaviors as designers, citizens, consumers and producers? 

To answer the question, the event will feature panel talks, networking 1 to 1 sessions, an exhibition, a competition and a networking cocktail; with the aim of establishing new connections, triggering discussions and establishing collaborations among participants. Organized by Noumena and hosted by IN(3d)USTRY, the event is coordinated by Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona exhibition center).

We’re happy to be partnering with the event this fall, and having our founder Noémie Balmat as the moderator of the panel talk at the Reshape Forum.

This year, the event’s competition (which is opened to applications until September 7th) is split into two categories:

  • The wearable technology category challenges designers to propose a new garment solution, relevant to the environment and human health;
  • The Product design category is addressed to all designers interested in product solution, promoting well-being (in a wide range of applications, from sports goods to medical devices).

To learn more about the competition, head over to its dedicated website.

“SO.MA”, Reshape 2014.

The event was created after the team started to question the ability for the emerging ecosystem of Fablabs in becoming an alternative distributed model of production, altering the centralistic structure controlled by the Industry. As they wanted to understand not only what impact new technologies could envision for the market, but also what implications they could bring to our Society, altering the role of designers, makers and consumers.

“We believe in the crucial role of tech in empowering, informing, distributing knowledge, responsibilities, and opportunities.” comments Aldo Sollazzo, founder & director of Reshape.

For the Noumena team, Reshape represents a distributed frame of applied research. Indeed, as they collectively seek to contribute to alter boundaries between different professions through the use of new emerging technologies, their purpose is to activate a domino effects to inspire change within institutions, industry and market players.

With a background in architecture, Aldo Sollazzo found himself at a crossroad after a few years of professional experience. Questioning the core values of his profession, its old methodologies and industry professionals’s indifference to the richness of new processes and innovative solutions other disciplines were exploring, he decided to rebuild his profile and skills in a new multidisciplinary and contemporary environment, that he found in Barcelona at the IaaC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya).

Aldo Sollazzo, founder of Reshape and Noumena.

“Today I direct Noumena, a company funded in 2011 together with Efilena Baseta and Chirag Rangholia. We offer tech services in different fields from design, robotics, wearable tech and additive manufacturing. 

Noumena operates in a multidisciplinary environment, blending code, biology, robotics and programmable materials into a data-informed workflow, revealing patterns to inform design solutions.” explains Aldo Sollazzo.

Together with Laura Civetti, designer at Noumena and coordinator of Reshape (who recently graduated from the Fabricademy of Barcelona, a multidisciplinary course based on the development of new technology for the fashion industry), Aldo is leading European projects investigating new materials relevant for the textile industry, strictly connected to the analysis of the body’s needs, with the intent to optimize the design and production processes.

Reshape 2017.

“In four editions of Reshape, we have been able to adjust our model, trying to involve as many different actors as possible, representing institutions, industrial partners, designers and makers. Our role is to promote new talents, facilitating connections among all parties involved in the fashion and product design industry.” details Aldo Sollazzo.

2018 theme: “Sensing materialities”

The Reshape competition challenges professionals, students and creative talents to propose projects from Fashion to Product Design, to establish novel solutions for both the environment and human health. As advanced materials are showing we can start to transfer new functionalities in garments and objects, they offer the possibility to enhance responsiveness and interactivity to external stimuli. 

“We’re witnessing the beginning of a new chapter, with revolutionizing textiles and products, through embedded intelligence and enriched ranges of applications for our everyday items. Setting up the competition, we decided to focus on a strong common ground: our bodies. That is the main reason why Reshape is a wearable and fashion tech competition. All proposals are evaluated by an international panel of experts representing Institutions, Research Centers, and the Industry.”

Reshape 2015.

The exhibition will feature the work of several professionals and their innovative approaches to textile and fashion. The 2018 edition of Reshape Forum will welcome global industry leaders such as Adidas, Bulgari, Luxottica, Wasp, Marcelo Vila and governmental institutions including the Italian Consulate, IED, IaaC, Materfad and many more. Learn more, apply or attend Reshape 2018 here.

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