Ralph Lauren steps into wearable tech with its new PoloTech

When we think about smart textile or wearable tech, we tend to image high-priced or unreachable products. But even if the 2.0 garment is a relatively new concept, it demonstrates its utility more and more everyday; from its innovative point to its utility in health or fashion, and it is starting to get affordable. Proof is: take Ralph Lauren, the unfamous polo brand. Add OMsignal, the biometric smartwear startup. Then you got the PoloTech.

Made of seamless, silver fibers and biometric sensors, the Polo allows, thanks to its gyroscope assisted sensors and its accelerometer, to calculate all activity trakers “basic” datas: number of burnt calories, podometer, cardiac frequency… But it also measures and follows up your stress and breath. What better than a Polo to track your lungs’ activity?


The PoloTech, now available and marketed in the US for $295, will showcase all its data in real time on an iDevice (AppleWatch, iPhone ou iPod Touch), for the moment.

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Post written by Philippe Jourdain, Contributor


Student in Public Law & Local Government Law, Philippe developped a high interest in technological revolutions. Writter for a French poetry blog, he grasped the oppportunity of joining Clausette Magazine in September 2015 in order to further develop his expertise through writing, exploring the Internet of Things; and thus better apprehend the connection between fashion & technology. He also is part of the Teacup Entertainment collective, which discrete action is to research and valorize the new talents in comedy, and occasionnally participate to shoots of short films.

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