Pyrates upgrades Sportswear with a mix of fashion, technology & science

Regina Polanco, young 23-year-old designer, was born in a changing world. Impregnated with fashion imagery, her vision lies on two founding pillars: luxury & technology. Mixing the old with the new worlds. An old world with changing lines, that breaks to build a new global order, with responsible lifestyles and a more ethical economical development. 

She was thinking of her own generation, the digital natives, when she created PYRATES. A made in Europe line of high-end jogging clothing. With futuristic and clean lines, the collection highlights gen Y and its energy.

“SMART FABRIC”, using tech & science to protect our bodies


Woven and produced in Italy, “Smart Fabric”, the fiber developed by Regina and certified in a Spanish Technology Center, protects its wearers.  With its super soft touching, “Smart Fabric” is comfortable to wear. Living, biodegradable and respectful to our environment, this innovative fabric is made of a natural protein and 18 different types of amino-acids. Reacting to the outside temperatures, pressions & skin PH-changes, “Smart Fabric” naturally emits a rate of 6420/ cm of negative ions with natural soothing properties.

This technological material improves blood circulation and boosts the immune system with a rate of 0.86 infrared emission. It allows a very high UV protection (UPF 50). In addition, by maintaining the body hydration over a 60%, it regenerates and maintains the level of elasticity of the skin. The fabric breathes and absorbs body moisture.

Currently under development, the brand will soon launch its online shop. Stay tuned!


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