Puls, the connected wristband by Will.i.am

Last Wednesday at the Dreamforce 2014 conference in San Francisco, Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas presented Puls, his connected wristband. First, a little background: Will.i.am, best known for his hits with the BEP (31 million albums and 58 million singles sold worldwide), is not a young novice in the tech landscape. The rapper is one of the founding partners of Beats Electronics, sold to Apple this summer for 3M dollars. He also invested in Twitter and founded a consumer electronics company, i.am +, which launched in 2012 a 14 mega pixels digital camera sensor for smartphones, the i.am + foto.sosho.

Puls is a connected wristband, a new way of communicating dixit its creator, thanks to a dual SIM it can make calls. Developed by a team of 60 people, it allows among other things, without needing a smartphone to work, call, send sms, go on social networks thanks to 3G, access e-mails, photos, music .. . with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an accelerometer, an activity sensor, a GPS, a battery 780 milliamperes … but no camera. Why? Because Will wanted to stand out from the tendency to “put more and more technology together in a single product.” This band is part of a collection to come, with each of its items having a dedicated function: a connected jacket to recharge the band and other devices through the sleeves, which by touching the band give it 4 days of autonomy; a backpack with speakers; shoes measuring your steps; and glasses for the camera, because it is more natural wanting to capture images with our eyes than with our arm.

“Let’s forget what the smartphone has taught us, and imagine things to wear. If you wear functionality, where would you put your camera? On your glasses … I do not think we thought about wearables the way we should actually wear them.”

Endowed with the “Aneeda” voice control system from Nuance (Siri’s, Cortana’s and Google Now’ competitor), the bracelet will soon be available in the US, but for the moment no price or exact date has been communicated, except “for the holidays”. To be continued…


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