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For the launch of our new media, we organized an event on the future of fashion in Paris’ newly opened Hoxton Hotel. In addition to this event, we stunted our readers with the fake hack of our previous media, Clausette.cc.

The hack

As explained in our about page, our new concept is to explore the unfound. Thus, in order to tease the launch of our new platform, we faked a hack on the old website, resulting in an error page. This even caught some of our best developers friends, who tried to help us find our website back!


تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Noémie Balmat‎‏ في 29 سبتمبر، 2017

The event

The exhibition

Showcasing creations from Savoar Fer by Eliane Heutschi, Clara Daguin & Karen Topacio, our exhibition was centered around the work of young innovative designers. // Photo credit: Fabrice Malard.

We met Eliane Heutschi during the 2016 edition of the Hyères International Festival. At the time, she was studying her final year at IFM Entrepreneurs, and planned to launch her brand. The concept? Eliane explores the faded savoir-faire and reinterprets them in a twisted modern way. Resulting in her newly launched brand, Savoar Fer. We exhibited her first collection, called chapter one Bobin Lace; while her second collection revisiting the cross stitch was being showcased at the Designers Apartment for fashion week.

If you are a futur404 reader, I’m sure you know all about Clara Daguin. After meeting her during a hackathon in 2015, we kind of all fell in love with the intricacy of her embroidery work. You can find more about her work here, or here.

Last but not least, our friend Karen Topacio showcase one of her creations made of a wooden part that she laser-cut to soften it to be wearable. Karen also participated in our open talk with the public.

The mannequins were kindly provided by IFA Paris.

The VR experiences

Photo credit: Fabrice Malard.

Brought and conceived by Marine Giraudo, the first VR experience was showcasing the collection of Vanessa Schindler, winner of the 2017 Hyères Fashion Festival. What we absolutely love about Marine’s experience, is that it does not only show you the collection altered by digital glitches, it also brings you in a totally unreal world where you kind of dive into the creative mind of Vanessa Schindler. The HTC Vive and super computer making the magic possible was kindly provided by the best VR studio in Paris, Backlight.

Our second VR experience, kindly provided by Stéphane Maguet and Benjamin Berthelot from We Are Social and the Creative Tech Tank, was a triable demo of Google’s TiltBrush design tool. Appreciated from both children and grown-ups, the app allowed our guests to create unreal designs in the realm of VR.

The talk

Photo credit: Fabrice Malard.

During the launch event, we had two open talks with Karen Topacio. Exploring fashion and its future through her work, Karen co-developed a draping application with her husband, a creative coder from Google Cultural Institute. Explaining her approach to fashion and her will to conceive, use and try new ways of design, Karen is currently working on commercializing the app.

The cocktail

Photo credit: Karen Topacio.

To thank our readers and friends, we organized a cocktail at the end of the event. With champagne provided by Laurent Perrier, the evening closed a hardworking week for our team.

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