Launch of .FUTUR first issue, the ‘magbook’

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FUTUR404, think tank dedicated to the exploration of possible futures of fashion through sustainable innovation launches the first issue of its hybrid annual publication .FUTUR.

Bilingual, the 'magbook' presents different printed editorial content available in French, English or even one in Chinese (traditional). The French articles are available in English through the mobile app dotFUTUR - on the AppStore and PlayStore. The English content will also be accessible in French through later app updates.

Born digital in 2014, FUTUR404 publishes its very first printed edition early 2019. After four years of screening and analysing the possible futures of fashion (through its online media, but also speaking at conferences, our consulting and training activities with leading firms of the fashion and luxury industries), the FUTUR404 team continues on decorticating society, defining fashion as a real object of reflection to explore new horizons.

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This hybrid ‘magbook’, in between a book and a magazine, offers testimonies and analysis from researchers in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, but also contributions from artists, coders, photographers, artistic directors or independent journalists. Thought as an object of experimentation,  .FUTUR (read “dot Futur”), aims at retranscribing FUTUR404’s reflection into another time frame, that of the long run.

Rethinking the place and impact of fashion in today’s societies, .FUTUR is born from an original merge of intellectual editorial content, fashion images and interactive reading experience of a new kind. Through the use, for this first issue, of augmented reality.

It ambitions to (re)give fashion, as an object of research, its nobility, and contribute to make it attractive to new publics, through educative and fun content.

“For ecology to be whole, it has to become also the ecology of time. Green ecology treats the pollution of substances, of the fauna and flora, of the atmosphere, in brief of all ecosystems. The grey ecology should treat pollution of distances, scales, of the greatness of nature. Things exist through proportions: beyond 2,5 meters, we are not human, but ghost or sycomore if we are 18 meters tall. Now, the speed of transport and instant transmissions reduces the world to nothing. We live in a singular time, our appreciation of time and distances scales is shaken and the Earth has become too small for progress. Ancient societies have not lived what we live, this world reduced to almost nothing through the speed of transmissions, and to nothing much through the supersonic speed. It is not a matter of the end of the world and the apocalypse, but we are in front of an absolute singularity. It is a necessity to have a revelationary vision, and not a revolutionary one anymore.” Paul Virilio, late French philosopher, used to say (quote from Libération interview, 3 juillet 2010).

For FUTUR404, theories like the University of Desastre of the late French philosopher seem more accurate than ever. They have hence inspired the first theme of the magbook .FUTUR, Reliques.

Through the imaginary of space exploration to wonder about the future of our societies, .FUTUR ambitions to define what could be considered as relics of the past in a hundred, or thousand years.

Structured in 3 parts, .FUTUR offers an interactive escape through the use of digital content through its dedicated AR app, dotFUTUR:

The Cover

An experience produced in collaboration and by We Are Social, under the supervision of Stéphane Maguet, Innovation Director.

An exploration in AR of the surface of Mars, where we travel through future past, near and far futures in a fable of human exploration.


The title page of the first par, Passé-Présent, designed by Laurianne Birre.

Questioning today and yesterday’s fashion

Testimonies and analysis from designers, independent journalists, sociologists, philosophers… on today and yesterday’s fashion.

  • Infographie : de l’idée au magasin, comment conçoit-on et fabrique-t-on les vêtements ?
  • Culture(s) de Mode : Une Architecture de la Mode en Réseaux
  • Sneakers: The Real Price of Hype
  • Le Meilleur des Modes : Interview de Lucas Delattre
  • Tattoos throughout time & space
  • Copie ou hommage ?
  • Philosophie : La Mort de la Mode, par Marie Schiele
  • Anthropologie : Futur & Survivance, Regard sur une Production Textile Japonaise
  • De la Fashion Museology à la Clothing Museology : Réinsuffler du sens
  • Les Tunnels de la Pensée : Interview d’Agnès Rocamora
  • Le Pli comme Trace du Monde : Interview de Pietro Seminelli


The title page of the second part, Futur, designed by Studio Fables.

Analysis et prospective: questionings & thought paths to imagine desirable futures 

Contributions of journalists, insiders, researchers, creative technologists, engineers…

  • 7,7 km/seconde : Interview de Sébastien Ruhlmann, ESA
  • Le Neuro-Marketing du Luxe : Interview d’Olivier Ouiller
  • L’Afrique, futur acteur de l’industrie de la mode, mais à quel prix ?
  • Hi-Tech Couture: The PostHuman Designs of Iris van Herpen
  • Le Futur des Salons Première Vision au Prisme du Wearable Lab : Interview de Gilles Lasbordes
  • Interview de Clara Daguin
  • Ecologie des Objets : Le Design peut-il changer le monde ? Interview de Carole Collet par Marie Schiele
  • Interview d’Eliane Heutschi
  • To the Metaverse & Beyond? Interview of Julia Krantz
  • It’s About Time! Faux Jeune Faux Real : Après le Genre, la Mode peut-elle Déconstruire le Temps ? par Alice Pfeiffer
  • AN AI for an Eye: Portraits of (real) AI Artists, by Fabrice Starzinskas
  • Couture HI-Tech : Les Créations PostHumaines d’Iris van Herpen (traduction française)


One of the photo series from the artistic part, shot by Cyan Mariani.

Photos, interactive experiences: experience of ‘augmented’ paper, creative technologiies.

Cartes blanches for content creators, artistes, photographers…

  • Photo series: Ado 2000 by Ella Hermë
  • Photo series: Still lives by David Paige
  • Photo series: Upcycling by les élèves de l’Ecole Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne
  • Hyperpositions: Cartes Blanches to 3 digital artists, coordinnated by Fabrice Starzinskas
  • Far from the Human Eye: the Earth from the lens of Thomas Pesquet, French astronaute
  • Photo series: Futur Street by Nicolas Prado
  • Photo series: Future Witch – Reborn Feminism by Cyan Mariani
  • Photo series: No Gender Beauty by Dorian Prost
Edited in  1 000 exemplaires in its bêta version, .FUTUR (256 pages), collectif hybride publication in between a book & a magazine, with its AR app dotFUTUR, will be available from February 12 2019 in book shops, concepts stores, museums et online for 60,00€.

What, why & how?

Genuine hybrid object rethinking the place and impact of fashion in today’s society, .FUTUR was born of the original merge of intellectual editorial content, fashion images and interactive experiences through the use, for this first issue, of augmented reality.

Updated throughout the year, the dotFUTUR app (available on the App Store and Play Store) offers to make these printed content evolve through the use of augmented reality. Be it to animate images or discover all non-English articles translation, the app dotFUTUR aims at augmenting paper.

Through its next issues, technologies going with the magbook will evolve, going from AR to AI or other up and coming immersive tech… As a sort of tangible medialab, .FUTUR is decidedly an object of experimentation.

Developed by Lost Mechanics, the dotFUTUR app aims at animating some of the content of the book. Dedicated printed icons are indicating whether these content can be activated now or later in the year. These updates will be announced on FUTUR404 website, its social media and will be pushed on the app store and play store.

For example, the experience of the cover, sort of a modern fable of human exploration, will be available under the form of several episodes unveiled throughout the year.


This magbook, genuine creation of a new genre, has come to life thanks to the work of an as talented as eclectic team: philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, artists, coders, photographers, artistic directors, journalists, etc.

It thus materialises the collective thinking of talents who have met during this fascinating entrepreneurship journey . FUTUR404 has surrounded itself with fascinating and creative talents to (re)think the possible futures that lie before us and propose a magazine as heterogeneous as possible.

The following professionals’ realisations can be found in .FUTUR:

Noémie Balmat

Allan Ricardo Joseph

Laurianne Birre

Couverture, Identité de marque et “Passé & Présent” par Laurianne Birre
“Futur” par Studio Fables
Editos photos et ‘Hyperpositions’ par Duo (Fake Paper et Caroline Fabès)

Auraline Mary, Benjamin Bartholet

Bruno Gasparini

Sophie Abriat, Journaliste Indépendante
Dr. Kristell Blache-Comte, Anthropologue
Dr. Alexia Fontaine, Muséologue
Allan Ricardo Joseph, Entrepreneur
Moriba Koné, Entrepreneur
Alfred Nil, Tattoo Artist
Alice Pfeiffer, Journaliste
Manon Renault, Journaliste Indépendante, Socio-Anthropologie de la Mode
Dr. Marie Schiele, Philosophe
Fabrice Starzinskas, Entrepreneur
Dr. Anneke Smelik, Professor of Visual Culture and Fashion Studies
Mélody Thomas, Journaliste

Dr. Maude Bass-Krueger, Docteure en Histoire des Arts Décoratifs, du Design et de la Culture Matérielle
Dr. Carole Collet, Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures
Clara Daguin, Créatrice de Mode
Lucas Delattre, Professeur à l’Institut Français de la Mode
Eliane Heutschi, Créatrice de Mode
Julia Krantz, Directrice de Création chez Volumentaal
Dr. Sophie Kurkdjan, Docteure en Histoire des Médias
Gilles Lasbordes, Directeur Général des salons Première Vision
Dr. Olivier Oullier, Professeur en Psychologie, Neurosciences et Systèmes Complexes, Président d’Emotiv
Dr. Agnès Rocamora, Sociologue de la Mode
Sébastien Ruhlmann, Futur Astronaute, European Space Agency

Ella Hermë
Cyan Mariani
David Paige
Nicolas Prado
Dorian Prost

Redha Bekkali
Quentin Lombard
Jérémy Massa

Andrea Besson
Naomi Chau
Eilham Kaci
Raphaël Lourel
Meme Meng
Anthony Perreau

Art supervision: Stéphane Maguet for We Are Social in collaboration with Grégory Puyperoux
Team We Are Social: Antoine Boniface-Achille, Harmonie Duquesne, Maxence Deschamps, Samih El Hadef, Clémentine Maquin ,Yohan Schmitz
Sound design: Benjamin Bartholet

Nicolas Petremann and Nicolas Fabicki for Lost Mechanics

Fabrice Starzinskas

Inès Alpha, Matt DesLauriers, Robert Leonard

Marie Dufresne

Noémie Balmat, Yousra Saidyess, Hamza Zeyada, Marine Arnet Wolf


About us

FUTUR404 is a Think Tank dedicated to the exploration of possible futures of fashion and their implication for tomorrow’s societies.


In 2014, after 4 years in creative agencies (Publicis, Fred & Farid…) and 1 year at Soon Soon Soon, Noémie created, the first French & English media to take an interest in the futures of fashion and the intersections between fashion and innovation. Having achieved, since 2015, more than fifty conferences around the world (including Korea, SxSW in Austin, Viva Technology, Première Vision or the International Festival of Fashion & Photography in Hyères), Noémie has since matured the project, with the arrival of Allan (co-founding partner) in 2015. Starting from a media, the project has gradually been enriched with a consulting offering to support the actors of the fashion industries and luxury on refining their vision around the dazzling evolutions and innovations transforming their business, and more globally to theorize and think the future (through the study of fashion as an object of reflection). In September 2017, Allan and Noémie integrated Station F incubator with IFM and transformed into FUTUR404. Running in 2018, then beginning of 2019, the team expands with 2 new members, an associate CFO (Fabien Rossignol) as well as the first employee (Félina Reydellet, Strategic Innovation Planner), FUTUR404 joins La Maison des Startups LVMH at Station F early 2019 and prepares to launch the first issue of .FUTUR, a hybrid book resulting from a collective work with researchers, thinkers, artists, coders, creative technologists and content creators…

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