PFW | Chanel Data Center

A mashup of the '80s, '90s and our obsession with today's tech

Paris Fashion Week is almost over and once again Chanel has sparked massive attention with Kaiser Karl’s brand new idea. After the supermarket, the casino or the airport, it is Chanel’s digital fashion show that is raging. In order to wow people for the spring-summer 2017 show, Chanel has chosen to turn the Grand Palais into a data center of sorts with giant computer processors forming aisles through the space.

A good way for Karl Lagerfeld and his team to express Chanel’s new vision of fashion: the future will be all about digital. Thus Chanel has succeeded to deal with one of the burning current issue: how are we going to adapt our tradition and heritage to the digital crucial omnipresence?

To illustrate his answer, Lagerfeld introduced robots wearing the legendary and almost sacred Chanel suit. Initiated with Coco-like tailored robots, the fashion show was invaded by futurism, digital and technological-inspired outfits. Inside what one could call the “Chanel Data Center”, the models displayed looks influenced by streetwear which aimed at disrupting the traditional and strongly implemented French house’s legacy, and featured LED bags…

One of the LED bags, photo courtesy of CHANEL

What might look as gimmicky (LED bags are definitely not what we consider a major progress for fashion), foresees an authentic vision of the future of the fashion industry. Taking into account that our world has changed and continues to evolve, Karl acknowledges that technology has a big and promising role to play in fashion.

For a brand like Chanel, who refused to do e-commerce for quite a long time, it’s a major breakthrough: the brand showcased its creative interpretation of technology in fashion, and we’re sure we’re going to see more tech at Chanel, and this is something really exciting.


The set, photo courtesy of CHANEL


The robots, photo courtesy of CHANEL


One of the LED bags, photo courtesy of CHANEL

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