Pentatonic – ‘New Clothes’: Re-engineering Fashion Waste into Patchwork Furniture

The only “truly” circular brand in the world, debuts the up cycled collection with a pop-up shop in Paris

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Pentatonic has revealed in Paris its first collection that have been made using waste from the fashion industry. Using its world-leading know-how, all products are made from post-consumer waste and 100% re-recyclable: everything is designed to be reinvented.

Pentatonic have created a store unlike any other to reveal their latest collection of upcycled products in a Parisian pop-up store. Turning their cutting-edge recycling technology to fabric waste, the  ‘new clothes’ collection introduces product furnishings made entirely out of fashion. Comprising of chairs, tables, hangers, cushions and accessories, the range of goods launches in the heart of le marais, in the gallery space ‘the supermarket’ for two weeks, where, alongside the new collection, the brand’s ‘Fractured‘ series with Snarkitecture is also on display.

Credits: Designboom

New Clothes was designed with a simple objective: demonstrating the stunning and extensive possibilities of re-engineering fashion waste. Founded by Johann Bödecker & Jamie Hall, (former employees at retail giants like Nike, Levi’s and Coca-Cola), London’s Pentatonic aims to recycle waste into premium furniture. The brand that recently joined Snarkitecture on “Fractured” tables and chairs, uses a unique technology that can re-generate synthetic fabric waste into new, raw materials. Taking waste from fashion products, this raw material can be used to create anything from a chair leg, new yarns, a seat shell and even 3D moulded felt.

Credits: Designboom

pentatonic’s unique technologies allow for the transformation of polymers such as polyester, a widely deployed material in the fashion industry, into dramatically different manifestations such as engineered structural furniture or flexible, breathable plyfix matrix-based felt. all the while always maintaining re-recyclability,‘ Johann Boedecker, co-founder of pentatonic on Designboom, April 2018

Since its launch at the London Design Festival in September 2017, the brand has quickly established a reputation for being the world’s only “truly” circular brand; all of its products being made from post-consumer waste and 100% re-recyclable: everything is designed to be reinvented. Since then, Pentatonic has used its world-leading know-how to target multiple consumer waste products and has upcycled them, turning DVDs into tables, plastic bottles into cushions and mobile phones into glassware, all within the company’s first six months!

Credits: Designboom

With fabrics formed from upcycled fashion waste, like discarded clothes and factory scraps, the selection encompasses Pentatonic’s AirTool chairs and hangers, all of which makes each item unique ; based around what Pentatonic calls “three colour stories” while the company’s dedication to quality ensures comfortable, long-lasting design. Salvaged from multiple European sources, the collection has been crafted from fabrics that were once t-shirts, dresses, jackets, and left over design studio cut-offs. The process itself merges highly advanced automotive technology with delicate hand-curation and fabric assortment. Fabric waste is grouped by color, structure and material composition, before being transformed as collages into functional three-dimensional objects via thermal laminations and 3D forming.

Credits: Designboom

Accompanying the chairs and hangers are pillows created in partnership with Italian textile house Bonotto, featuring a premium jacquard-printed fabric created from discarded bottles. What makes it resolutely circular is the fact that all items of ‘new clothes’ can be re-recycled. But Pentatonic’s process does not end with the sale of a piece: the brand will also buy back used products from their customers to recycle into new products, creating an “infinite loop of creation and recreation”.

This is the brand’s first collection that have been made using waste from the fashion industry. For the next few days, inside Parisian gallery, The Supermarket, guests can observe the process & benefits of the recycling process and buy items from the release.

Credits: Designboom

Opened on the 6th of April, New Clothes by Pentatonic will be on display in their pop-up store in Paris until the 22nd of April. If unfortunately you’re not in Paris, you can however shop the New Clothes line on Pentatonic’s website. In the meantime, we’ll keep watching this young brand grow and have great expectations about what they’ll be upcycling next.

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