Omius, a nature-inspired robotic jacket that regulates body temperature

Its ventilation system was inspired by stomata

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Omius, a California-based startup just unveiled a sports jacket concept using robotics to automatically adapt its thermal protection to the wearer’s environmental conditions.

Who never dreamt of a piece of clothing that would be smart enough to adjust itself to your body’s needs? Well maybe a lot of people, but it has long been a dream for the nerdy me :-) and, well it seems it’s close to become a reality!

The jacket is equipped with electronically operated vents, that open or close to keep the wearer at a consistent temperature (it kind of recalls this project from the MIT Media Labs, which was made with a bacteria, instead of electronics). Its ventilation system was inspired by stomata – the microscopic pores plants open and close to let gases in & out. According to the user’s body temperature, small vents will open or close along the wind & waterproof fabric, letting more space for the hot / cold air to move away from the body.


The vents are triggered by sensors which monitor both the body and the outside temperature, sending the data through a processor which triggers the vents. The users can also open or close the vents manually, so that it fits to their own preference.

As the company’s CEO – CTO Gustavo Cadena explains, “Over time, the jacket will become an extension of the user, synchronising its movements with the rest of the body just like a second skin.”

A pre-ordering should be launched soon, along with a Kickstarter campaign. For more, you can register on their website to be the first to know when it will be available.

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