Nike is on a Shopping Spree, laying the ground for its Consumer Direct Offense

The active giant goes hard on technological innovation, betting on leading firms in computer vision, AI & data analytics

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Nike just acquired leading computer vision firm Invertex Ltd, the second buying in a month, following New York-based data analytics Zodiac ; both giving a clear idea of its intention behind the brand’s Consumer Direct Offense.

Nike has announced its acquisition of Invertex Ltd., a leading computer vision firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, as it continues to strengthen its digital technology platforms. While the terms of the deal remain undisclosed, the future talented team will focus on building “groundbreaking innovations” to help Nike serve millions of members around the globe.

“The acquisition of Invertex will deepen our bench of digital talent and further our capabilities in computer vision and artificial intelligence as we create the most compelling Nike consumer experience at every touch point,” Adam Sussman, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of NIKE

Credit: NIKE

The tech company works in the area of mass customization, creating so-called “scan-to-fit” shopping experiences that combine 3D-digitization and deep-learning technologies to create new retail solutions. This technology is significant, as it lowers the number of returns from customers and allows retailers to tailor existing to products to the customers’ specific needs.

“Nike’s connection to and understanding of their consumer is unsurpassed and we look forward to joining their team to help drive the Consumer Direct Offense.” David Bleicher, CEO of Invertex

Announced last year, the Consumer Direct Offense is the company’s alignment which purpose is to allow Nike to better serve the consumer personally, at scale ; thus unlocking a consumer-focused growth.

“The future of sport will be decided by the company that obsesses the needs of the evolving consumer. Through the Consumer Direct Offense, we’re getting even more aggressive in the digital marketplace, targeting key markets and delivering product faster than ever.” Mark Parker, NIKE, Inc. Chairman, President, and CEO.

Credit: NIKE

Focusing on personalized retail and consumer relationship innovation, the acquisition is the second in less than a month, following the buying of New York-based data analytics Zodiac (originally a predictive customer analytics platform that forecasts the behavior and lifetime value of individual customers and customer segments). These moves are part of Nike’s consumer direct experience strategy, which aims at marking the company’s commitment to further accelerating Nike’s digital transformation and enhancing its consumer data and analytics capabilities to help it serve consumers globally.

“We’re adding world-class data-science talent and best-in-class tools to power 1:1 relationships with consumers through digital and physical consumer experiences.” Adam Sussman, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of NIKE

More than just an attempt at strengthening its digital technology muscle, we can interpret these moves as Nike’s clear attempt at profoundly reinventing customer experience around the world, both in-store and online, tailored to the personalization era. Leveraging several applicable technology, the company might be unlocking the future of retail sooner than expected, offering a glimpse of what we expect will be a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that’ll serve as a textbook case for fashion and activewear brands on the market.

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