A New Comme des Garçons Line is Coming

The Japanese fashion brand goes direct-to-consumer, with an exclusive online collection starting this summer

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Comme des Garçons chief executive officer Adrian Joffe revealed the plans for an entirely online launch of a new direct-to-consumer brand in July, a first for the Japanese fashion house, at the opening of the Dover Street Market in Beijing.

“Nobody knows yet, but what I can tell you is it’s going to be Internet-based” Adrian Joffe, Comme des Garçons CEO to WWD, April 2018

Comme des Garçons announced plans to launch a new brand online this summer, a new direct-to-consumer brand on which Rei Kawakubo herself will be creatively involved in the website conception, as revealed by Adrian Joffe during the first chinese Dover Street Market opening in Beijing last week. Little else is currently known, other than the fact it will be for both men and women.

Credit: Opening night party of the Dover Street Market in Beijing, by Courtesy on WWD

Available exclusively online at first, the addition would be the 18th brand for the company, joining a range of designer lines including Noir, Homme, Plus, Shirt and Play, among others. After the online launch, the “simple” collection for men and women will be followed by six shops worldwide.

While it might seem like a lot at first sight, it’s also good to remember that Comme des Garçons is one of the only fashion brands that managed to maintain such an extended brand umbrella in a relevant and singular way until now. Relying on those past successful experiences gives credit to the late announcement and might prove to be an amazing competitive advantage for the future online destination.

Comme des Garçons AW17

What’s even more interesting to observe is that more and more heavyweights from the fashion industry such as Comme des Garçons, but also Kering (as we reported recently) have decided to bet on what we believe is the most interesting and dynamic business model in current activity: building DNVBs (for Digitally Native Vertical Brands). Indeed, this innovative approach holds clear benefits for brands, in terms of differentiation, agility, storytelling, storage management and economies of scale that also benefits consumers, in the form of incentives and free services that improve conveniency.

As the new brand is expected to launch in July, we must admit that we have great expectations for it. In the meantime, head to WWD for more on the future Comme des Garçons brand.

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