Textile care done right is the first step for more sustainable garments

French Institution COFREET launches its app to help everyone master sustainable textile care

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For the fifth and last article in our sustainable series in collaboration with Lenzing, we are exploring French institution “COFREET”‘s educational initiatives around good practices for textile care.

A lot has been said about sustainability in fashion, but we often tend to forget that it doesn’t only rely on how we manufacture apparel, a lot of the impact clothing can have on the environment comes when garments leave the store.

A prize to encourage sustainable textile care

Les Arts Déco, July 2017.
Credit: Marcella Barbieri.

Back in July, I was invited by French Institution “COFREET” (French Labeling Committee for the Maintenance of Textiles) as a jury member for their sustainable textile care prize, awarding cleaver initiatives for better practices in caring for our clothes. Quite concerned about the concept of planned obsolescence, the other jury members and myself chose to award two students who invented an “L’INCREVABLE” washing machine.

Julien Phedyaeff, Christopher Santerre and myself.
Credit: Marcella Barbieri.

The idea behind it was quite simple, the two young men based their invention on the concept of open source. 50 years: it’s the time that this machine is supposed to last, in opposition with machines which are becoming harder and harder to repair. When the average machine lasts about twelve years (see for yourself with below chart, which is part of an initiative from regular machine makers to make them last longer, and lists the time during which spare parts are available), the Increvable is based on reversible assembly modes, which assures easier repairing as the machine is not welded.

Care about your clothes? There’s an app for that

As part of their mission to help consumers better understand textile care symbols and processes, COFREET is launching a mobile app – available for both iOs & Android – with special tips to remove stains, or how to care for your clothes while being respectful of our environment.

According to the institution’s latest study on how much French consumers know about textile care,

87% of them are concerned about being more responsible with their water and energy consumption, and 64% of them know about how to do so (leaving your wet clothes to dry naturally, using low temperature or eco programs).

Yet, lots of us still don’t know what caring symbols mean, or how we can act more responsibly, without having to change much in our behavior.

Click on the image to download the iOs app, or here for Google Play.

Now, you have no more excuses not to be well informed about how to make your garments last longer!

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