Meet MIT bioLogic Second Skin responsive fashion

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in brief

The self-transforming biological skin is activated by living bacteria. The synthetic bio-skin reacts to body heat and sweat, causing flaps around heat zones to open, enabling sweat to evaporate and cool down the body through an organic material flux.

Discovered a thousand year ago by a Japanese samurai, Bacillus Subtilis natto is a microorganism living inside dry rice stalks. A new behoavior of the ancient bacteria has been unearthed by the MIT Tangible Media Group: the expansion and contraction of the natto cells relative to atmospheric moisture. Enchanted by this phenomenon, the research group transformed it into responsive fashion, in collaboration with New Balance.

bioLogic is bringing what once may have lived in the realm of fantasies into the world of sportswear. The project seeks a harmonious perspective, where biological and engineering approaches flow in sync. These animate cells are harvested in a bio lab, assembled by a micron-resolution bio-printing system, and transformed into responsive fashion, a “Second Skin”.

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