Misfit teams up with Swarovski for a series of bling bling wearables

Wearable tech, a lot of people talk about it, people think it’s great. But it’s not very sexy to wear, outside of traing sessions. Well, that was before. Before Ringly, Everpurse and other Kovert Design (that I will present you very soon, because they deserve to be featured here)… And Misfit, the brand of fitness and sleep trackers, that has announced (CES 2015 is ongoing!) to be teaming up with crystal brand Swarovski for a series of two new wearables and nine sparkly accessoiries (three bracelets, three wristbands and three pendants, available in black, white and grey). 

And the fact remains: we’re really improving on the design part! I am still wondering how and why the tech and fashion companies seem to get so much pain into working together. Really, I am doubtful of all the ugly products popping up out there, same story for the so wrong “tech” products marketed by the fashion industry: the technology is really not ambitious enough!

Although, I am not saying this is a revolution, since I personnaly am still sceptikal about the all subjective “beauty” of these wearables, a little bit too bling bling for me. But that can definelty fit into the wearables market! Especially when the Swarovski brand alone is enough for it to be a commercial success.


The accessories work with the fitness tracker Shine, which features a sensor-filled core (which houses the collected data of your daily activities) that pops out of the bracelet. Meaning the wristband can be switched at the end of the day for a crystal pendant or a bracelet that will better suit nightouts. Prices vary between $69 and $149, which can be a good investment for not stopping to collect data when you need to get suited to get out.

In addition to the accessories, the two brands launched two new wearables under the Swarovski Shine line: a fitness tracker with a classic crystal face ($169) and another with a solar-powered violet design ($249). The latter features the patented energy crystal technology, which collects enough energy so that you are not supposed to charge it at all. Which is a huge promess, since we know almost all fitness trackers (such as the Fitbit Flex) last less than a week without being charged, and that smartwatches only have 24hours autonomy.


Misfit fits into a new wearable trend by (FINALLY!) getting into the market of fashion savyy users, that pay a special attention to the jewellery and other accessories they wear.

Prices for the new Misfit collection have not been released yet, but will be available on Misfit.com and in other Swarovski points of sale in the U.S, Hong Kong and in China.

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