Macy’s On Call: IBM Watson’s smart companion makes debut at Macy’s

AI comes in store

In a constant quest of improving in-store experiment and benefiting from technical progresses, Macy’s developed a shopping assistant to help its consumers. Macy’s On Call is hence a new program, powered by artificial intelligence thanks to a new tie-up with IBM Watson via developer partner and intelligent engagement platform, Satisfi. The pilot version has been launched in no more than 10 stores located among the US and will help shoppers get information.


How does it work? Simple! People can ask questions in natural language, i.e. in their own words, about products, brands, departments or services and Macy’s On Call provide them customized responses. The skills of Watson, which aims at understanding human’s behaviors, permit to upgrade the app after every interaction. Indeed Watson is bound to learn from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time.

Why did Macy’s implement this system? “At Macy’s, we remain focused on identifying, testing and supporting new ideas and approaches that will help elevate service to our customers through technology.” said Peter Sachse, Macy’s Chief Growth Officer. The goal is now to provide the consumers with the best possible service, able to give them the information they require. This comprehensive tool is meant to enhance the in-store shopping environment, tapping into people’s will to get all the answers they need, and fast.

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