PFW | At Louis Vuitton ‘Strange Days’ show, the only limit is your imagination

Closing the Fashion Month, the Louis Vuitton show is a much awaited one in the fashion industry. This season, Nicolas Ghesquière was pretty daring, since he remodeled the whole brand, bringing new codes to the fashion house, with a mix of modernity and heritage but also innovative & futuristic fabrics. Everything we love here!

First comes the venue, a big black box with Perspex transparent walls with red and blue flashing LED lights, that recalls his stunning and on-going exhibition in London (until October 18th). The designer’s show notes clearly set the tone:

“The only limit is your imagination… the vocabulary of virtual worlds beckons us to initiate a heroic journey in which the protagonist gains strength, wisdom and character every step of the way. […] With every world that our heroine experiences, the silhouette, constantly evolving, seeks to answer a question. Gender fluidity? Modern romance? The power of the body? Absolute femininity?’

Before the show begins, a film showcases a man in a room wearing a virtual reality video helmet. And then the heroines appear, proceeding with their “voyage of self-knowledge”.


As seen at other major fashion houses during this month, the new trend is to kill the trend: not a single way of dressing, but a broader and more diverse offering, and to that we say YES. Fashion is a way to express one’s personality, but trends kill personality. Seeing many different styles, that people can after re-appropriate to their own style is what I always loved about fashion, not trends.

Ghesquière is a proven designer, after remodeling Balenciaga, he’s nailing it at LV! A clever mix of the house’s codes, futuristic fabrics and style, with a daring view of today’s girl, all of it brought together to bring the new Louis Vuitton to life. Genius.




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Post written by Noémie Balmat, Founding editor-in-chief

Clausette_servicesInterested in the future of fashion, the digital revolutions and advertising, Noémie has a valuable three-year experience in international advertising agencies and works with young innovative designers as a fashion tech freelance consultant. Currently working for Publicis Conseil in Paris, she launched Clausette Magazine in November 2014 to gather all cool projects linking fashion & innovation in one place. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she takes part in several Fashion Tech weeks and events as a speaker (Paris, Tokyo, Roubaix…).


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