LG Innotek’s pressure sensors will enable fabrics to feel

Created in year 2000, LG Innotek is a global materials and components manufacturer that focuses on areas like mobile, automotive, LED, display, semiconductor and the IoT with its technologies. Fully aware that its activity is becoming increasingly key, the subsidiary firm of the korean parent company LG is now actively working at expanding in other fields such as fashion.

LG Innotek recently developed a specialized polyurethane material that is sensitive to the pressure and has great elasticity. This material, meant to be inserted between electronic fibers and designed to fit the body perfectly, comfortably, works by detecting capacitance changes caused by pressure through the measurement of its distribution. This textile concept presents itself as a bendable, foldable and even rollable fabric, which is a real breakthrough for the brand considering the actual coin shaped sensors commercialized so far (an imperfect product that, moreover, gave an irritating sensation when in contact with the human body).

Likewise, LG’s fabric might implement new features by using the pressure information, through its possible integration in accessories (i.g. gloves) or pieces of furniture (i.g. chairs or carpets), in various areas such as soprts, healthcare or automotive. If this tech material were applied to sports gears, it might enable people fo be served with more feedbacks and insights for more detailed, improved training service. For instance, in golf gloves, the sensors will detect the pressure of the hands on the golf club, as well as their position. Then, it will send the information gathered to the user’s smartphone to help him or her find the perfect grip.

Predicted to enter mass production this year, LG Innotek embodies how serious the korean brand considers the pressure sensors market. And with good reasons: with a projected annual growth rate of 7.2% between 2014 and 2019, the market is expected to reach a promising $ 16.3 billion in revenue within 3 years.

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Post written by Allan Joseph, Branding Strategist & Menswear Editor

After graduating from Toulouse Business School in 2012 and having multiple experiences as a Freelancer during 3 years, Allan currently works as a Strategist for Be Angels Agency. Specialized in Luxury marketing & advertising, he collaborated to the notorious book « La Génération Y et le Luxe » and joined Clausette Magazine in December 2015.

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