Kanye fears 3D printing will kill the Fashion Industry

as "the Internet destroyed the music industry"

Spotted by i-D in a recent Keeping up with the Kardashians episode, the rapper expressed his fear of 3D printing revolutions as he was being given a tour by Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies’ Managing Director Marie Lou. Turns out Kanye is not quite excited by the possibilities of 3D printing in fashion (oh Dear).


Making the parallele between the fashion industry and music, Kanye fears 3D printing will kill the textile industry as “the Internet destroyed the music industry”. Even when Marie Lou tries to remind him that 3D printing still needs to be designed, “It doesn’t do it by itself”, Kanye fears the day when people will be “making their shoes at home” (and we’re not so far from it). We understand that Kanye has been working for years to break into the fashion industry, finally making an impact with his Adidas Yeezy collections and his now fashionable wife (he did such a great job for her to break into the industry as well!!). But him above all, should understand that Internet does break industries, and he’s a part of it, he took some advantages of it, so whether he likes it or not, we can’t wait for technology to break fashion, recreating it – upgrading it!

In the meantime, if like Kanye you’re not so convinced about technology enhancing fashion, we suggest you watch this amazing video i-D did on the future of fashion! Thank you guys for such a great content :)


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