Startup | Kalypse reinvents wetsuits with 3D-design

Created in 2016, Kalypse introduced a brand new type of wetsuits: they are innovative, comfortable and… couture. Indeed, the very young and yet very savvy start-up was able to skilfully connect technology to aesthetics in order to elaborate tailor-made wetsuits. On top of this, Kalypse is a made-in-France brand which hence promotes the French know-how and demonstrates the ability of the country to be at the cutting edges of innovation.


Have you ever thought about a technical sport clothing “It’s hideous but it’s rough”? Would not it be nice if you could be both well equipped and stylish?

Enough with the usual black wetsuit that is impossible to remove! Enough with quality going together ugliness! Kalypse has one clear objective: the startup wants to combine performance and style. They aim at being as stylish as possible while being easy to wear, technical and powerful. They managed to do so by forming two teams, each specialized in one field, to focus on technology on one hand and on design on the other hand. They have created a rigorous and innovative process that permit them to develop their wetsuits while sticking to their main goal. Attention must be paid to the fact that the facilities are based in Montpellier and the wetsuits made in France.

The first step is a creative one where the mission is to design the most elegant wetsuit while being adapted to the client’s shapes and proportions.


But these quite simple drafts are soon adapted to 3D with the help of a modelling software able to bring the sketch to life. The software is pretty reliable as it is composed of many measurements data gathered and hence draws near to reality. This is thanks to this asset that the client’s comfort is permitted – what they call the fit and feel design, working hand in hand with Exuskin. At this stage of the project, the consumer is asked to personalise his product and choose what best suits him.

Later comes the assembling steps with first a digitally ensured cut of the neoprene and second a manual pasting/sewing.


For an even more precise description, watch the video below. Anyhow, it seems that Kalypse has successfully met its challenge.

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Post written by Sarah Banon, Editor

Graduate student from French Business School ESSEC, Sarah is passionate about fashion and spends her free time writing. She is very curious and likes to discover and study new trends. She joined Clausette Magazine in May 2016.

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