Julien Fournié & DasCoin explore Blockchain use-cases for the future of Fashion

Unveiled this Monday at the Eiffel Tower, the association seeks to create a Blockchain dedicated solution to facilitating and protecting the work of the global fashion industry

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DasCoin, the blockchain-based currency, has invited Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié to inspire a blockchain solution securing the entire fashion design value-chain. I had the pleasure to open the event, hosted at the 1st floor of world famous Eiffel Tower, with an introduction of the possibilities offered by a technology like Blockchains for the fashion industry.

The fashion industry, like many, requires confidential sharing of designs among multiple parties. Protecting intellectual property in this complex ecosystem has always been a challenge and, the solutions to date are expensive and lack efficiency (existing tools aren’t creatives-friendly, and are time and money consuming). We all recall the numerous scandals over intellectual property lift by big companies , such as fast-fashion retailer Zara, “getting inspiration” from small designers who can’t do much to protect themselves from it. Back when I was advising young designers a few years ago, helping them on wholesale trade shows like Who’s Next in Paris, I was strongly advised to ‘hide’ my designers’ creations during night time, because some malicious buyers could take pictures of them and copy… Just see for yourself:

One of the designers whose work has allegedly been copied back in 2016, Adam Kurtz, made some graphic comparison of Zara’s products with those of indie artists, like Tuesday Bassen.


As a pioneer in the French Haute Couture fashion industry, Julien Fournié is what we can call an early adopter of technology as a key element in fashion design. Heavily involved in research and development of 3D design tools through his partnership with Dassault Systèmes’ Fashion Lab, and advocating the use of mobile hardware for fashion designers (Julien has been chosen by Tim Cook himself, to be one of the few Fashion’s ambassadors for the Apple iPad pro), Julien Fournié’s vision of the future for global fashion dovetails seamlessly into DasCoin’s blockchain based IP solution.

“A fashion designer needs to protect his designs on a daily basis, at various phases of the design process in an easy, secure, efficient manner. Each and every tool contributing to these needs will prove key in the future so that fashion designers remain the real decision-makers for all of their collections. I am delighted to collaborate with DasCoin to achieve that goal.” Says Julien Fournié.

Michael Matthias & Julien Fournié.

Using their own fast, secure and scalable Blockchain technology, DasCoin is creating an auditable, traceable and efficient solution for sharing and protecting designs and authenticating final products. In the future, this means that designers like Julien Fournié and their teams will be able to securely store, in only a few minutes, their creations at every step of the process (rough, designs, embellishment…) and get a unique encrypted code proving precisely when, where and who created the document in the Blockchain. A proof that will be usable in a court of law, showing the different stages of the design process, and therefore proving an exact date of when the document was entered into the system.

Smart contracts, automated non-disclosures and other legally binding agreements will ensure that designs are only released to authenticated partners, and that their use is controlled and audited. Individual designs can be coded and registered on the Blockchain to prove authenticity. All this can happen seamlessly, quickly and at very low cost meaning that no parts of the supply chain are excluded.

A use-case for Blockchain technology that has previously been explored privately by Hermès’ own IP Department, in collaboration with their law firm DDG, and was unveiled during a panel talk at last year’s Hyères Fashion Festival.

Julien Fournié showcased five of his bespoke Haute Couture designs during the event.

“Our unique network design gives us the speed, efficiency and security to offer blockchain solutions to a whole range of industries that are suffering from huge third party costs to protect their creative work. By creating a solution for the fashion industry we are hoping that a new generation of designers can protect their creations affordably and with total peace of mind using the power of the technology we’ve developed at DasCoin. We’re very excited to reveal more in the near future not only just in fashion but across a whole range of industries including music, sports, film, supply chain, insurance and beyond.” said Michael Mathias.

Designed with an integrated system of governance, DasCoin can evolve to keep up with changes in regulation, compliance and the continued demands of the marketplace. It has been built in an eco-friendly network design, to ensure minimum energy consumption without compromising on performance. The company is also about to launch the world’s first cryptocurrency mobile wallet, that would enable users to spend their DasCoin in 60 million merchants worldwide, directly from their smartphone. Built with their technology partner Carta Worldwide, DasPay allows any business that accepts Visa and Mastercard to accept DasCoin without changes to their point-of-sale technology. It is on track to go live later-on this year.

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