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The Ultimate Remix of Music, Design & Wearable Tech

Do you find yourself tapping a table, your desk or almost anything when you have a rhythm and beat that you can’t get out of your head? You may not be a musician but what if you could be? There are tons of synthesizers out there that let us experiment with sounds and remixing however the Remidi T8 is the first wearable music instrument that enables you to record, play and perform. We sat down with the Founder and CEO of Remidi, Andrea Baldereschi to learn more about what inspired the Remidi T8, as well as Andrea’s perspective on the future of fashion tech, design and what’s ahead for Remidi.


Andrea Baldereschi started producing music and djing at 16 years old in his hometown of Turin, Italy. He never learned how to play an instrument; however, he always listened to beats and would tap them on everything, tables, chairs, books, himself – anything.

Andrea’s passion for music continued over the years; he moved to Austin, Texas where he studied and conducted his internship at Livid Instruments, makers of music products for live performance, electronic production and DJs.

“Music has always been an elite thing and now everyone can create it.” – Andrea Baldereschi, CEO Remidi

Upon returning to Turin, Italy, Andrea continued to tap beats and rhythms everywhere – he could hear amazing sounds and did not have a way to translate them into music. He tried to replicate the beat on a computer; however, it took a lot of time. He did not want to miss the idea or a beat.

He wanted to make music using his hands and natural gestures rather than a traditional instrument and he knew there must be a way to accomplish that thus his idea for Remidi was ignited.

The goal for Remidi is simple “to translate the natural gestures of our hands into music and art.”

It was important for the Remidi team to have a consumer-centric approach by putting the product in people’s hands to learn more about their perspective.

People who never made music before used the Remidi T8 and that was the point where Andrea saw the real potential. “Music has always been an elite thing and now everyone can create it.”


People see DJs behind the decks but they don’t see what they are doing. Andrea wanted to find a way for the DJs to enhance their performance and ultimately interact with people beyond the DJ booth. Remidi started out with a few prototypes to see how people would react and “people loved it.” Needless to say, the first prototypes were sold immediately.


One of Remidi’s goals is to have the product designed in Italy and engineered in the US. Remidi is actively seeking Italian designers, from up-and-comers to established luxury collaborations.

Remidi is looking for experienced designers who understand functionality, form, design and the ability to look forward. Andrea stated, “We are looking for someone to help us write a new chapter – we come from music and tech – design and fashion are not our wheelhouse, we are looking for someone who shares our philosophy to help collaborate on the product and the full experience with our team.”

Some of the most recent examples of fashion tech collaborations include Timbaland with SubPac, WiseWear with Iris Apfel and Levi’s with Google to name a few.

It is an exciting time for fashion tech, there are no shortage of technology companies or designers collaborating to create rich, useful, usable products and experiences. Finding the right collaborators to complement strengths will only help in supporting any product’s success.


When Remidi started they thought of themselves as a music company – as the product evolved Remidi identified themselves as a fashion tech company where design, tech and creativity are connected into one cohesive experience.

“The challenge is making something beautiful, that has the ability to feel your gestures and actually work. We created a wearable device that is the first of its kind. From an idea to creation. We are using it for music because that is our passion and that is what sparked the idea for the original product.”

The first product, the Remidi T8 will be music focused; however, longer-term the product will go beyond music. Remidi will evolve where the glove serves as the gesture-controller for art, design and a stylist, with various fabrics and more.

We envision creating a number of experiences that enable creativity for good, through creative therapy and providing access to people with disabilities to our technology.

We want to change how all people perceive, interact and create art, music and fashion through our products.

Remidi launched their first 360 video featuring Turin-based musician, Yendry Cony Fiorentino, showcasing how the Remidi T8 can complement the sounds and art of the  “Many Yendrys” featured. The video is a fun play on music, art and sound in a 360 experience giving a wink to how Remidi is the ultimate remix of design, music and technology.

The Remidi T8 is due to launch in early 2017.

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