PFW | Iris van Herpen live 3D prints a dress onto Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christy

A.K.A. Brienne of Tarth

Iris van Herpen accustomed us with highly artistic & tech infused runway shows. Yesterday’s one makes no exception to the rule. It’s even more stunning! From laser-cut dresses to a live 3D printed dress onto our beloved Gwendoline Christy (Game of Thrones, aka Brienne of Tarth & soon starring Star Wars Episode 7). Needless to say she ruled Paris Fashion Week once again, and that she deserves her successor of Alexander McQueen nickname!

Last season, Iris stunned us with her Hacking Infinity show, featuring one-of-a-kind fabrics. But this season, things go next level, with a happening that stole the show: a dress literally being live made onto our favorite A-female Brienne of Tarth from GoT, mixing innovative techniques including 3D printing, laser cutting and hand weaving; surrounded by three sculptures grown by  Jólan van der Wiel.

“(Her) work reveals the secret structures of our existence giving us a multidimensional experience of what it is to be alive,” said Christie to Dazed, adding on the designer’s contribution to fashion, “It is an investigation into the past, present and future in all its primal and mythological forms.”

The collection featured laser-cut dresses, featuring several types of lace that created a collection weaving around the body like ivy around trees.

“Inspired by the living tree bridges in India […] and from the way plants and their roots grow”, the designer executed a new approach to garment construction, mixing the cutting, weaving, folding and growing techniques into a transcending process pushing the boundaries of traditional clothes-making.

“The beautiful potential of plants and other organisms to form living architecture inspired me to make a collection that is tangled like a maze around the body”, said the designer about her SS16 show.

irisss16The shoes, inspired by the high chopines popular in 16th- and 17th-century Venice, showcase how Iris draws her inspirations from the past to bring her special futuristic vision on fashion. According to Vogue, Chopines used to be a social standing marker, showing ladies’ status or availability. The display of wealth was appreciable thanks the the high of the platform and the skirts.


But Iris doesn’t just focus on the spectacular show, she also gives really special attention to details. Featuring futuristic legging and dress with three-dimensional mesh and Swarovski crystals embellished leather lace.



Needless to say, Iris stunned us again this season. Wonder what she will bring us next time! In the meantime, please your eyes with the below intricate details, wonderful fabrics and beautiful cut futuristic warrior dresses.







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