Iris van Herpen comes back to couture with Divine vibrations

As every season, we’re waiting for the innovative designer to showcase her latest creations. This season, Iris van Herpen returns to Couture, as she’s been focusing on Ready-to-Wear for a three years now. As expected, this season’s theme, Cymatics (the study of visible sound vibrations) mixes Haute Couture traditional savoir-faire with cutting edge technologies.

For the collection, called Seijaku, Japanese for tranquillity, van Herpen has “been exploring the study of cymatics, which visualizes sound waves as evolving geometric patterns,” she says. “The collection shows a variation of organic and three-dimensional structures, new materials and techniques and biomorphic volumes.”

The “dewdrop dress” is for example made of thousands of glass bubbles embedded in a transparent silicone liquid, as a particular challenge. “Getting the material to have the right stretch, thickness and drapiness was a process of continuous experiments and fine tuning.”

Another dress, shown in below picture, was made of Japanese organza woven from polymer threads, said to be five times thinner than human hair; and plissé organza arranged in Iris’ signature sculptural structures, showcasing the cymatic inspiration.

As commented by Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Editor at The New York Times, Iris van Herpen pushes the boundaries of couture, with each piece being both “completely alien in articulation and entirely traditional in form”. As always, Iris stunned us with this show!


Guilaume Roujas & Regis Colin Berthelier for Now Fashion


Guilaume Roujas & Regis Colin Berthelier for Now Fashion


Guilaume Roujas & Regis Colin Berthelier for Now Fashion


Guilaume Roujas & Regis Colin Berthelier for Now Fashion, center image: Vanessa Friedman on Twitter


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