EVENT | Disrupt Fashion with INTERLACED 2015

It has been a few months now that I have been part of INTERLACED, a media & events company dedicated to inspire, educate and communicate the developments around the next wave of fashion, creating a platform for curious minds. If you have an interest in the Future of Fashion, you should definitely join us on the 3rd of September for a day-long event that will bring together fashion pioneers, renowned leaders from both the fashion & tech space, academics, budding talent and the wider public to connect, discuss and ultimately help shape the Future of Fashion through technological innovations.

London at the forefront of innovative fashion


If you hadn’t watch The Next Black yet, I strongly suggest that you do! The documentary introduces some of the pioneers in innovative fashion. From Studio XO to Cute Circuit, some of the most inspiring fashion disrupters come from London. The European city of hype has been at the forefront of innovative fashion, closely followed by Amsterdam (it’s safe to say no one gets higher on the scale of futurist fashion than our dearest Iris van Herpen). So if you want to meet them, you know where to head on the 3rd of September! We are excited to have Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, Founders of Cute Circuit, not only as speakers but also as exhibiting designers on the runway in what will be one of the first fashion tech catwalk shows around!

An innovative event for fashion disrupters


So I’ve been to several events gathering people from Fashion & Tech grounds, to introduce Clausette and to discuss around my favorite topics with people sharing the same passion. One of the main issues at these events? It seriously lacks of Fashion people! So we are gathering some of the most talented people from the traditional fashion industry and preparing a fashion first event with a runway combining both fashion tech pieces and traditional fashion-forward brand. These innovative designs will be showcased by influential fashion bloggers who are spreading the notion of fashion tech among their readers and getting the wider public excited about this emerging industry.

Fashion & academia: the importance of education in an emerging industry


Thanks to Clausette, I have met lots of young designers in the past few months. What stroke me in the talks I had with them is the struggle they have to find a job after they graduate. In a world where Fashion is just another sector driven by Finance and its shareholders’ will, the space for creativity and risk-taking is small. Don’t get me wrong, but big labels now strive to innovate because they have shareholders to please, young designers’ namesake labels tend to disappear and young graduates can’t find a job, because there are too many of them for a small plate of available jobs. In order to change that, the Education in Fashion has to evolve and stop promising jobs and success that do not exist. Young talents need to be educated about a wide scope of possibles, and encouraged to innovate through technology, create new ways to express themselves and find their own demand.

Early bird tickets are out, get yours while they last!


Better hurry if you are interested to participate in this fashion-forward event! Head to the dedicated website where you’ll find all the accurate information, and early bird tickets! If you have special ideas for the event, want to know more or want to get involved as an exhibitor or partner, head to INTERLACED’s website where you’ll find all the ways you can help us shape this event and make it truly magical. Let us know your feedback & spread the word!


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