EVENT | INTERLACED 2015: take-away insights about the Future of Fashion through Technology

“Technology is just another material”. On September 3rd, curious minds met up in Shoreditch, London, for a day-long event dedicated to the Future of Fashion. As Clausette Magazine is a long-term partner of INTERLACED, we were there to catch up all relevant insights for you.

Bringing together fashion pioneers, renowned leaders from the fashion and technology space, academics, budding talent and the wider public to connect, to discuss and ultimately help shape the future of fashion through technological innovation.

The event included a conference programme with talks and debates from leaders in the industry as well as one of the first fashion tech catwalk shows featuring fashion technology companies alongside innovative fashion brands.

INTERLACED 2015 : When Fashion meets Technology…


From wearables to questioning the oppressiveness of Fashion Tech, discussions and panels pointed out the key challenges for the future of an emerging concept: Fashion + Technology. One of the main challenges of Fashion Tech projects is funding: how to address an innovative project to funding? Going through Ventures firms to get funding? Or going through crowd-funding?

David Norris, Investor in early stage e-commerce businesses at Forward Partners, explained the basics of customer relationship for a successful product: “Know your customer, know his real needs through research and surveys. But more importantly spend time with him!“. Before raising funds, you need to know everything about your consumer, so that either you go for a Venture funding or crowd-funding, you know exactly what you will do for your project to succeed.

About crowd-funding, Piers Ridyard from XOO Belt, gave out some advices on how to be careful with your campaign, detailing pledges & be sure you’ll be able to keep your promises. We stopped counting how many startups had problems after a too successful crowd-funding campaign and couldn’t keep their pledges promises. The worst thing to do in this case is to say nothing. If you have production issues, it’s not the end of everything, just be honest to your pledgers: tell them you’re having production issues and that you’re doing everything to get back on tracks. People know it’s hard to have everything right at the beginning. But if you just say nothing, your customers will think you’re hiding something, and then you’ll get bad word-of-mouth.

Sustainability as a key factor for the future of fashion: Marianne Caroline Hughes


One of the speakers who caught all our attention was a discrete, yet convincing 22-year-old speaker: Marianne Caroline Hughes. Through her speech, she made us realise that Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil, as well as the industry with the second largest use of water after agriculture! But lots of challenges also mean lots of opportunities, as Marianne Caroline exposed on stage, such as a promising initiative: Fashion Footprint, a startup investigating ways of using QR codes (they’re not dead yet) on clothes labels to give consumers more information on the real story behind the garments they wear. Imagine that you could access to the story of your clothes, just by scanning a code. Learning that it comes from a traditional workshop in India, that it contributed to create long-term jobs for local population… An utopia? Not really, if only consumers could get heard and demand for a more responsible and transparent industry.

If the Future of our Planet through a cleaner Fashion industry does mean something to you and that you want to learn more or get involved, we suggest you to head to Marianne Caroline’s website to find out about initiatives for a cleaner Fashion.

One of the first futurist runways in Europe!

Last but not least, to close this insightful event, INTERLACED showcased one of the first innovative runway show in Europe, with innovative designers such as Alexis Walsh, Exocet Paris and Maartje Dijkstra ruling 3D printing in Fashion, Cute Circuit, the Fashion Tech pioneers, LED clothing-makers since 2004, Sensoree & its mood-sweater, Helmut Paris and Kovert Designs, futuristic Jewelers, Karen Topacio and her amazing graphic designs.

Alexis Walsh

3D printed garments Alexis Walsh

Robe réalisée à partir d'encre 3D Maartje Dijkstra

Dress made of 3D ink Maartje Dijkstra


Mood Sweater Sensoree


Connected jewels Kovert Designs


Plexi-chic Earrings Helmut Paris

Veste en néoprène Karen Topacio, Sac impression 3D Exocet Paris

Neoprene coat Karen Topacio, 3D printed accessory bag Exocet Paris. September 3rd 2015, INTERLACED 2015. Photo: Style Division

Bonus | Interviews of Maartje Dijkstra & Miranda Davis

And a little bonus, see below for exclusive interviews of Maartje Dijkstra about her 3D-pencil made amazing dress:

And Mimira’s Miranda Davis on her LED red-carpet dress made in collaboration with House of Fraser!

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Post written by Noémie Balmat, Founding editor-in-chief

Clausette_servicesInterested in the future of fashion, the digital revolutions and advertising, Noémie has a valuable three-year experience in international advertising agencies and works with young innovative designers as a fashion tech freelance consultant. Currently working for Publicis Conseil in Paris, she launched Clausette Magazine in November 2014 to gather all cool projects linking fashion & innovation in one place. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she takes part in several Fashion Tech weeks and events as a speaker (Paris, Tokyo, Roubaix…).

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