Young designers created a chameleon jacket

Freshly graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture & Design, members of the Drap Og Design studio have not stopped being talked about. Assuming that they would prefer to do cool stuff rather than seeking a job (it does makes sense), these four brilliant young designers launched their studio. Their first project? Playing with the idea of experimenting and interacting like animals do. They offer nothing less than giving you the ability to experience the animal world’s super powers.

They focused on the coolest animal abilities, still, few can be translated directly to humans. Rather than simply replicate these “powers” as such, they sought to give users the idea and the concept of the interactions that animals can have.

“Our vision was a base station, and various attachment that you put on to enable certain powers. We also developped settings and user scenarios, looking into possible usage of our goal in an educational way” tell the young designers on their Hack-a-day project presentation.

Discover in the images below the construction of this project. Still at a DIY stage, this experiment of animal mimicry has been enabled by Adafruit products: colors sensors, Neopixel library enabling the vanishment of the jacket in its environment. The jacket itself is an assembling of everyday stuff: rescue blankets, painting suits…

To follow the upcoming projects of the studio: click here.


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