The 33rd ed. of Hyères International Festival welcomes Marine Giraudo’s VR fashion experience

A dream-like immersive experience premiered at Futur404 launch event last September

in brief

The 33rd edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères (South of France) will take place at the villa Noailles from April 26th to 30th. The festival annually encourages and supports young artists in the fields of fashion and photography.

Among the young talents discovered during the previous editions, are some of our favorite designers, such as our friend Clara Daguin, discovered during the festival’s 2016 edition, last year’s winner Vanessa Schindler, or last year’s LVMH Prize winner Marine Serre.

Supported by major brands, fairs and institutions, such as Chanel, Chloé, Première Vision, DEFI or the French Couture Federation, the festival hosts panel talks as part of the Rencontres de la Villa Noaïlles. This year, the tech topic will be around artificial intelligence.

The VR experience showcased during our launch event will be exhibited during the 33rd edition of the Hyères Festival Internationale of Fashion and Photography.

The VR experience, as showcased during our launch event at Hoxton Hotel in Paris, September 2017. Photo credit: Fabrice Malard.

Among the exhibitions this year, our attention goes to our friend Marine Giraudo‘s VR experience of Vanessa Schindler winning collection. First presented during our launch event at the Paris Hoxton Hotel last September, the experience showcases the universe behind Vanessa’s collection. Developed as part of Marine’s graduating project, the experience plays with Unity (the software used to develop VR experiences) glitches to showcase a dream-like universe where the rules of gravity differ from the ones of real life. A not to miss experience!

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