LFW | House of Holland x VISA collab brings new payment tech on the runway

London Fashion Week has just started, and tech is again at the party! This time with Henry Holland, designer of House of Holland, who partnered with VISA Europe Collab to weave NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) into clothing for its runway show tonight!

Tonight is the big night for Henry Holland! As part of a 100-day innovation sprint, the designer took an idea from the drawing board and developed it to create a test experience. Aiming at bridging the gap between what is functional and what is beautiful, to prototype a new payment experience in a spectacular setting.


“Being a self-trained designer, I am always trying to better myself and improve my skills, while being at the forefront of new ideas. Where design meets technology, the way the two different worlds work together, is a really interesting space.” said Henry on his post for the Huffington Post.

Reuniting the realms of fashion and technology through a new interactive retail experience featured in the catwalk show. Finding new ways to enhance the shopping experience, with a promising claim: no more time wasting at ever-lasting queues to pay!

“That’s what inspired House of Holland’s collaboration with Visa for this show – looking for a way to weave the latest payments technology into the emotion of the catwalk to give a truly different retail experience. It’s a world-first, so stay tuned!” he adds.

Can’t wait the see the actual show! Meanwhile, discover the teasing video they made for tonight’s show:

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