HiSmart, a modulable smart bag to ease our urban lives

In the battle to conquer your body, brands and startup have been working on several kinds of products. From the now famous wristbands and smart watches (hello Apple Watch!) to all sorts of smart jewelry, brands have been competing with news products ideas for us to wear. But bags were a bit left behind (I don’t count the so-called tech bags that have been flourishing: from Ralph Lauren to Aspinal of London, which are basically charging bags, not smart). Today, we’d like to introduce HiSmart, a bag from Chinese design company Lepow, that changes according to your capacity needs and occasion, and vastly simplifies the way you connect to people, places and things.

The minimalist designed bag (although we clearly agree it’s not a Saint Laurent) shows how our bags could be technologically enhanced to ease our urban lives. Their Indiegogo campaign already broke its goal of $50K with $156,722 already pledged.

“This is the first true smart bag,” Qifang Dai, co-creator of the bag, says. “A smart wearable is not limited to just watches or fitness trackers. It can be more than that.”


Thanks to a specifically designer HiRemote syncing with a dedicated app, the 2-in-1 customized chip inside the strap acts as an extension of your phone. Enabling you to pin locations (like the exact place you parked your car); find your HiSmart bag or phone by making it ring for you to find it easily; answer calls; listen to music; record your voice when you have an idea or want to remember something; and take selfies in just seconds. HiSmart adds more functions to your bag to make your life easier. Although, I think there are plenty more functions they could include thanks to today’s technologies. But maybe they will for a second version?


In addition to its incorporated tech, the bag is designed to adopt four different forms: sling backpack, messenger bag, backpack and sling tote. Thanks to twelve pocket organizers, everything from your iPad to your MacBook and keychains have a dedicated place to be stored. Its canvas is also waterproof, to keep all your devices safe. Watch their fundraising campaign video below to see everything it can do.


With an estimated delivery due in July 2015, you can order your own and contribute to the project’s success for $199 and you can choose between black or cognac color.


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