HALL COUTURE, the Paris fashion designers residence seeks funding

A crowdfunding campaign for a wider space to boost the Parisian fashion economy

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in brief

Fashion ecosystems in Paris are in perpetual effervescence, carried out by talented creators, large-scale projects, contemporary visions, passionate actors, invested in the support and promotion of the sector.

Hall Couture is one of these actors, committed to highlight fashion design and crafts in Paris. Convinced of the necessary evolution of the textile-clothing industry, saturated with fast-fashion and touched by a declining consumption, Hall Couture is dedicated to the fashion designers, « les auteurs de mode », these new talents who are thinking quality and durability, proximity and responsibility, rarity even exclusivity.

In a difficult context : fierce international competition, multiple offers, consumer confusion over the value of products and speeches, fashion designers have a compelling need to work in the right environment, able to provide them with all the fundamental services to develop their talent in the best conditions and to support their entrepreneurial approaches. Hall Couture is 100% involved in this dynamic, serving the needs of the profession. Hall Couture opened its first space in January 2015, inspired by models and values ​​brought by the digital revolution such as networked co-creation, sharing economy, adaptability, individualized service, interdisciplinarity and opening to one another.

Since its creation, Hall Couture offers many services to fashion entrepreneurs to encourage their activity and promote their evolution: a workshop equipped for all professional missions, customized training to improve  the leadership, a showroom to present products and collections.

Credit: Amélie Canon.

In 3 years, Hall Couture has already met the expectations of more than 100 users, on punctual or continuous needs, to support them in the realization of their projects. The demand for the services of Hall Couture keeps growing and upgrading and the space is becoming … Too small!

To deal with this situation, the team plans to move in March 2018, which will allow Hall Couture to offer a higher level of services:

  • More machines, more workstations for users,
  • A doubled training / workshop activity and optimized support,
  • The opening of an upscale boutique, dedicated to the most advanced residents, selected designers and co-creations labeled Hall Couture,
  • Job creation at the local level, for a strengthened team

To fund this project, Hall Couture has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.

For the occasion, the team made exclusive rewards: unique accessories, DIY clothing, to be made with the model maker Diana Martinez, workshops and in particular the electronic textile workshop proposed by StudIOTech, the agency for innovative fashion integrated at Hall Couture. Highlight of the exceptional creations especially offered the talented Liu Chao!

Credit: Victor Matussière.

Today, the entire Hall Couture community decides to act for fashion in Paris: a fashion where creation, manufacture and short-circuit distribution promote employment and support the growth of the sector. A responsible fashion with values ​​of transparency, quality, sustainability, nurtured with good practices, proud of its know-how and aware of the new uses!

Entry Hall to access a professional community and launching pad for brands and fashion projects, Hall Couture is the reference residence for fashion designers in Paris.

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