G-STAR RAW teams up with Jaden Smith for a sustainable denim collection

The denim brand & the artist join forces for a soon to come FW 18 sustainable collection

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Since 1989, G-Star RAW remains true to its ‘Just the product’ philosophy. Through its commitment to quality and innovation, the brand nowadays offers pioneering products, recently illustrated by the launch of its most sustainable jean ever (a piece conceived in its very first G-Star Raw for the Planet Indigo fabric). Presently, in an initiative aligned with its values, the brand is partnering with Jaden Smith to create a sustainable denim collection for the Fall-Winter 2018 season.

G-Star RAW and Jaden Smith announce a partnership aiming to create a sustainable denim collection for the Fall-Winter 2018 season. While the brand recently launched the most sustainable jean of its history for the Spring-Summer 18 season (a piece created with the very first G-Star fabric, Raw for the Planet Indigo, which received the gold certification from the  Cradle to Cradle™ Products Innovation Institute), this collaboration allows both partners to join forces around their commitment for innovative design and a sustainable future.

Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW remains true to its philosophy, ‘Just the product’. Through its commitment to quality and innovation, the brand now stands at the top of the denim industry, offering pioneering products and quickly becoming an international brand. Since its inception in 1996 of the 3D denim approach in its conception of jeans and the creation of G-Star Elwood, G-star now offers clothes, accessories, shoes and sunglasses, all centered around jean culture, its core business. In February 2016, G-Star RAW and Pharrell Williams announced their strategic partnership, as co-owner, involving him at various creative levels in the company, from new collections to advertising and business strategy.

As the brand’s Head of Imagination, Pharrell Williams welcomed Jaden himself to the G-Star family in a tweet, insisting on its dedication for environment protection, which served as a basis of inspiration for this partnership.

“I was first brought into G-Star by Pharrell, someone who I respect and admire. What they have been doing with sustainable innovation recently has been so inspiring, especially with the launch of their most sustainable jeans ever. They are at the forefront of denim sustainability, on top of the denim game. It’s the same thing I’ve been trying to do with my JUST Water initiative, so to innovate in an industry where there is so much room for improvement. G- Star is a great place for me to collaborate, learn, and make a positive impact on denim and fashion.” Jaden Smith 

Even though there is actually no additional details about this future collaboration and which items will be available at the release, G-Star RAW confirms that the collaboration is set to launch at the end of this year.

“Jaden is a creative, an artist and a source of inspiration for the next generation that wants to have a positive impact on the world. He constantly stretches the limit in many areas: music, design and sustainability. He continuously encourages us to challenge norms in terms of sustainable innovation in the denim industry and we are honored that he is now part of the G-Star family. » Thecla Schaeffer, Directrice marketing de G-STAR RAW, Chief Marketing Officer of G-Star RAW

The results of this promising collaboration, which we’ll be paying a lot of attention at, will come to fruition at the end of this year. Until then, stay tuned!

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