NYFW | Fashion merging with technology on the runway

Fashion and technology are merging again! Almost in the middle of New York Fashion Week now, here’s an update to the latest Fashion Tech news right from the runway. After Zac Posen’s LED dress and the announcement of Ralph Lauren’s partnership with Periscope, let’s see what New York has for us! The amazing Chromat had some really exciting wearables to show! Head to this on-going edited post to follow all the latest runway news featuring innovative products and campaigns during this Fashion Month.

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Chromat, the Structural Experiments for the Human Body brand, which already amazed us during last March New York Fashion Week, just unveiled the next level wearable tech, powered by Intel Curie (announced at Vegas CES last January): the Adrenaline Dress, made with in collaboration with Intel. The dress is composed of 3D printed panels designed in collaboration with Francis Bitonti, and an interlinked, expandable carbon fiber framework. Somehow like Anouk Wipprecht’s Spider Dress (also shown at Vegas CES), the Adrenaline Dress senses when adrenaline levels get high and mimics the fight-or-flight mode, extending the wearer’s sensory system to form an imposing shape.

But it’s not all. The second wearable tech, the Aeros Sports Bra also integrates Intel’s Curie chip. It reacts to levels of stress through your sweatiness and body temperature. Trimmed with tiny blue lights, it uses sensors to make vents in the bra’s band, opening and closing it automatically.

To learn more, it’s here.

Zac Posen x Google: the runway LED dress


Zac Posen partnered with Google’s Made with Code to feature an LED dress at his latest runway show yesterday at Industria Superstudio. Worn by the famous digital model Coco Rocha, who blown the runway. The dress was co-designed by Maddy Maxey, a 22-year-old Fashion Technologist. As part of her work to inspire girls to learn coding, she mentors the Made with Code initiative.

“I envisioned a collection that would capture the enthusiastic energy of an ever-changing city,” the designer explained in his show notes.

Merging Fashion with Technology is not the easiest thing, as Maddy tells Yahoo Style, it is all about “negotiating between what’s technically possible and what’s aesthetically pleasing.”  Head to their interview to learn all bout this amazing collaboration! And if you want to try designing your own, it is possible thanks to Made with Code, just head their online studio here.

Ralph Lauren partners with Periscope to live-stream its runway show


If you like Ralph Lauren, you should know that its upcoming SS16 show will be broadcasted from Manhattan’s Skylight Clarkson Square to a screen in London’s Picadilly Circus and live-streamed on Periscope, the Twitter live-stream app and its 10 million users.  A new partnership following Ralph Lauren’s latest tech projects, with the launch of its new PoloTech smartshirt and 4D holographic projection of its collection in Central Park (check out video below).

“Ralph Lauren has always been on the forefront of innovation and redefining the consumer experience,” Lauren told Fashion Times. “We are actively pursuing different avenues in digital, because now digital touches every point of our lives. We are using technology to make retail shopping a fully interactive experience with the recent launch of our holographic windows on Fifth Avenue.”


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