Paris Fashion Tech Week presents its Greenathon in partnership with Wair & Wearhacks

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Innovations are all supposed to persist. All have an altruist objective, to enhance our lives, but until now close to no attention was brought to its consequences and means. Who would have thought when discovering petroleum that it would eventually cause a massive pollution? Being conscious of these issues can help make innovations more environmentally responsible. During the third edition of Paris FashionTech Week, and in the perspective of the climat conference happening in December 2015 in Paris, Wair & Wearhacks partnered to create the Greennathon.



The textile industry is the third most polluating in the world. To continue to make us dream, it has to answer the question of “how”. Fashion and meaning shall not be dissociated. We are what we wear, but beyond what is visible, beyond the style, fashion also claims for invisible values. A nascent movement aims at reuniting responsibility, style and technology: FashionTech. Far from being an additional bullshit word, this movement wants to become the future of fashion. Smart clothing bringing health functionnalities, well being or fun with lasting and responsible garments.

On the occasion of COP21 (happening in Paris in December), numbers of citizen initiatives aim to prove that another world is possible. And we want to show that another fashion is possible. It is through young generations sensibilisation that we will succeed in making these values requirements. This is why we partnered with Wair and Wearhacks, creators of the Greenathon, to promote this collaborative 2-days event to sensibilise people on a responsible and augmented fashion.

The event


The challenge: how to make the future of fashion more responsible and durable thanks to innovation? How technology and innovative textiles could contribute to create more durable clothing and accessories? A true creation-marathon  around the theme “fashion, digital and new materials serving the environment”, happening in the official calendar of the Paris FashionTech Week. The event will happen in the form of a Hackathon-like challenge: 54 hours of creation in teams, mentored by experts in the fields of fashion, technology and ecology. The event is set to be multidisciplinary and will welcome designers, creators, developpers, hackers, engineers, makers… The winning projects will be showcased at the FashionTech Showroom closing the FashionTech Week and also during a COP21 event in December 2015.



3D printing, connected clothing, smart textile: innovation opens an infinite number of opportunities and disrupt the established models of fashion and ready-to-wear. The FashionTech Week has become the occasion for all actors shaping the future of innovative fabrics industries to gather to imagine the future of fashion.

The event will happen on the weekend of 19-20 September 2015, as a kick-off of the FashionTech Week from 21st to 27th September. For more details and to register go to the event website & the Facebook event page.

Attention, limited amount of places and subject to validation!


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