EVENT | LDN FashTech Summit: Day 1 take-away insights

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We were very happy to attend the London FashTech summit this week. Insightful conferences and very inspiring speakers! As official media partners of the event, we bring you some insights we gathered during the first day.

key fashion technology stakes of 2016


  • The future of fashion show is about virtual reality, with shows that go beyond the catwalks and offer a truly immersive experience,
  • Tech needs to disappear behind the designs, now we know it’s functionnal, it needs to become more aesthetic,
  • 3D printing will go domestic, and it might affect fashion,
  • Augmented reality will make the hardware disappear into everyday wearable objects,
  • We will try to get rid of the plug sockets, by making batteries that lasts longer,
  • Retail will use technology to create exciting experiences in store.

insights on RETAIL


  • The more you succeed to build a conversation online the more you drive traffic into your stores,
  • Sometimes it is better to open one store that will create real experience and connection with your customers than to go for an expensive advertising campaign,
  • E-commerce needs to be luxurious everywhere: the tech, the design, the products, the shops,
  • The biggest challenge Farfetch has overcome: building a personnalized experience with a very large amount of products and retailers, to stay true to their graphic guidelines while adapting to countries specificities, and to convince retailers to share their data,
  • Brands needs to be ready to close shops and move before the crowd gets bored,
  • We need to merge online and offline data : it is just one consumer, no matter where he is shopping!
  • In order to compete with luxury e-commerce mastodonte, young luxury brands needs to be more agile: find the consumers during their micromoments, be quicker to deliver, embrace the see now buy now, be personalized and fast,
  • E-commerce needs to create a simple (beautiful imagery, less texts, instantly understandable informations) and frictionless experience,
  • About online retailers doing or not trend forcasting: Kelly Kowan from Farfetch & Nick Lisher both agree… They don’t set trends but invite those who do to sell in their market place,
  • TIPS:  Taylor landing pages depending of where the users come from.

the future of textile


  • In 10 years, 10% of our clothing will be connected to the cloud somehow,
  • The future of textile is 1) Embedding electronics in the fabrics; 2) connecting it to the clouds; 3) hydrophobic and anti-mud properties; 4) fabrics with medical powers (reducing bacterias, healing the skin, giving informations about the body); 5) recreating fabrics from plants (growing leathers); 6) waterless and more environment savvy productions; 7) Fabrics patterns made from genetically modified plants.



  • Second Home is creating a Fashion&Technology hub in west London in partnership with the Royal College of Fashion
  • We discovered Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is made of reflective fabric! Joke aside, AAB (a firm connecting brands and celebrities) made scarves with reflective fabric that prevent paparazzis to take any usable picture.


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Post written by Tali Fitoussi, Editor

Graduate student from IFM Paris, Tali is passionate about fashion and technology. Involved in valuable collaborations and internships at global companies like L’Oréal or Condé Nast, she helped organizing a conferences sessions at IFM Paris, and joined Clausette Magazine in September 2015.

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